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CliffyB On The Xbox 360: 'We’ll Be Able To Squeeze More Water From That Stone'

Matt Gardner
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CliffyB On The Xbox 360: 'We’ll Be Able To Squeeze More Water From That Stone'

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Gears of War 3 lead Cliff Bleszinski has suggested that there's still life in the Xbox 360 yet.

'I think if we bring out any more products on the 360 depending on life cycle, we’ll be able to squeeze more water from that stone. That said, I still think there is a huge amount of room for improvement in graphics. We want to get to Avatar-quality and real time and beyond. I think we can absolutey get there, hopefully in the next generation if everybody ponies up and does good hardware.'

That's not to say that Bleszinski doesn't know. Far from it, in fact. When asked how far away he felt the next generation was, the Epic man simply replied 'Who knows. I could tell you, but I’d violate an NDA.'

Bleszinski also hinted at what might lie in store for the franchise in the future.

'Well, we could do first person,' he said, 'we could do an RTS we could do anything with it. We’re just limited by our bandwidth. As a studio we are in a very good position to be a slave to our success with the Gears franchise. And all good things come to those who wait.'

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