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Former CoD Devs Working On Sci-Fi Title For EA

Felix Kemp
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Former CoD Devs Working On Sci-Fi Title For EA

It'll be quite a while yet until EA finally unveil what former Infinity Ward and Call of Duty creators, Vince Zampella and Jason West, are actually working on over at upstart studio, Respawn. They might have extracted a fair share of their former stable's employee count, but they're still in the midst of hiring and structuring the studio itself. However, their new publisher, EA, has today revealed their new title isn't a modern military shooter or Call of Duty clone.

Speaking to CVG regarding their current slate of modern military shooters such as Battlefield and Medal of Honor, EA's Frank Gibeau revealed the recently announced Overkill from Insomniac and Respawn's mystery title were more "sci fi oriented", as the company looks to cycle its roster to avoid boring its fanbase.

"he idea is to have that rotation happen with Battlefield and Medal of Honor and keep it fresh so you don't burn the teams down or over-annualise the product lines," Gibeau explains. "Titles like Respawn - and I think the Insomniac title is a little bit more of an action game than a pure shooter - we'll sprinkle those in where we see opportunistic gaps, either in a release schedule or in a genre standpoint".

It's a wise move, especially from EA, who in the past have seemingly had no problem with milking certain genres or franchises. It appears Respawn is in safe hands, and EA is in no rush to release their unannounced project. They'll look to launch when they've decided on an "opportunistic" date, but not before West and Zampella's team is provided the "full two-year cycle to get a game built and polished to maximum quality".

Who is this new benevolent publisher masquerading as the industry's one-time villain? Carefully planned release schedules, ample development team and smart launch windows? And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks! [CVG]

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