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Codemasters Hacked, Personal Details Stolen

Josh Clark
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Codemasters Hacked, Personal Details Stolen

It seems as though the threat of hacking still lies heavy in the air for gaming's biggest hitters, as this week sees Codemasters announce the breach of their servers, and the theft of a 'significant' amount of personal data.  They have been quick to assure users that passwords and financial data could not have been taken, but are nevertheless urging their members to change any passwords associated with their site.

Neither LulzSec nor Anonymous (the infamous hacker groups that have been associated with the recent Sony attacks) has claimed responsibility for the theft, and it is pertinent to assume that the information has been stolen with malicious intent.  The Codemasters site has been taken offline for the immediate future, with users being redirected to the company's Facebook page, and a spokesperson has said that "we won't put it back up until we're sure it can be completely secure."

The British-based developer/publisher urges their users to "be extra cautious of potential scams, via email, phone, or post that ask you for personal or sensitive information," and that "if you use the same login information for other sites, you should change that information too."  With the inevitable influx of new accounts being made following the release of Codemasters DiRT 3, the break-in could not have come at a worse time.

Codemasters Hacked, Personal Details Stolen

Perhaps most worryingly, Codemasters opted not to inform its members of the breach until a week after the event had occured, though a spokesman cited the need to investigate the precise cause and extent of the attack as the reason for the delay.  Emails were sent out during the early hours of Friday morning, warning users that their information may have been targeted as part of the hack.

We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.  Until then, be sure to follow Codemasters' advice and change any passwords you might use with their accounts.  Play safe Dealspwners!


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