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Codemasters: UK Games Industry On The Ropes

Jonathan Lester
Codemasters, UK

Codemasters: UK Games Industry On The Ropes

Codemasters represent one of the only UK-based publishers - and though they pump out some fantastic titles along with SEGA's Creative Assembly, they feel that the British games industry is in a dangerous situation. With Black Rock, Bizarre Creations and THQ Digital Warrington now closed for business, they've every right to be worried - and one of Codies' senior developers believes that we're in danger of becoming a nation of "iPhone developers."

Speaking to Gamerzines, Codemasters' Andy Wilson explained that the government's refusal to support Gordon Brown's tax break intiative has effectively "torpedoed" the British games industry. Larger publishers are keen to relocate elsewhere without the financial incentive to move to our green and pleasant land - which could create a market that's only suitable for indie and app developers.

The UK is primarily tough, in my opinion, because the bright, shining hope of tax breaks for the games industry got torpedoed.

It's a tough economy for sure, but we need to start supporting the industry properly or the whole thing is going to melt into iPhone developers - and there's only so many four-man teams who are going to find success.

When you look at the level of support in North America it becomes painfully obvious why so many developers here are closing their doors, including my former home Black Rock. I'm still sitting in disbelief at that one.

Wilson was keen to point out that Codemasters have no intention of relocating; but that they already have a studio in Malaysia to produce art assets. They're "flying the flag as the last British publisher," after all.

Then again, would being an Indie nation really be so bad?

It's time to get involved, folks. Is Wilson right to be worried? Should the government be doing more to support our homegrown devs and publishers? Drop us a line in the comments!

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theslickmeister  Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:53

"they feel that the British games industry is in a dangerous." Last I checked you couldn't be in an adjective :)

JonLester  Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:57

Ta, might have been missing a word there.


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