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Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects

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Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects
  • DS from £ 4.99

Combat Of Giants: Mutant Insects | £12.99 | HMV | Nintendo DS

Tom Silkstone
beat-em-up, Nintendo DS, Ubisoft, Ubisoft Quebec
Combat of Giants: Mutant In... | Nintendo DS

What would happen if the world ended and its only inhabitants were giant mutated insects? They'd fight, that's what'd happen! With this one you'll get to create your very own mutant invertebrate, before you take them into the ring to destroy their enemies! You'll also get to make improvements to your creature in order to develop them into an unstoppable fighter as you progress through the game. You can get hold of a copy for £12.99, which'll save you almost £2 on the next best offer coming in from The Hut.