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Last Comet Stores Close Tomorrow (Barring Christmas Miracle)

Jonathan Lester
Comet, OpCapita, UK retail

Last Comet Stores Close Tomorrow (Barring Christmas Miracle)

Taxpayers To Pick Up £50M Slack

Unless a last-minute buyer can be found, all Comet stores will shut up shop from tomorrow (and we'll be paying for it).

Administrator Deloitte has confirmed that the last remaining Comet Stores will cease trading from tomorrow, resulting in job losses of 6,600 employees and a £2.1 million expense in unused holiday/back pay. According to Sky News, this will create a £50 million black hole that will be passed onto UK taxpayers, while HMRC will receive none of its £26.1 million in unpaid taxes.

Dixons may swoop in to purchase a small number of stores, having hired 1,000 ex-staffers on as Christmas temps, but the search for an eleventh-hour saviour looks increasingly bleak.

Naturally, we wish all those affected the very best of luck and a speedy return to employment.

We're not entirely sure why Comet aren't holding on until after Christmas in order to make the most of last-minute shopping, but them's the breaks. Will you miss the retail chain?

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