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Commandos and Desperados pack just £3.75 at GOG

Matt Gardner
Commandos, Desperados, PC games, Real time tactics

Commandos and Desperados pack just £3.75 at GOG

Commandos is such a great series. More RTT than RTS, it's all about taking a small squad behind enemy lines and making the more of your team of elite soldiers. It's also bastard hard.

For the next 23 hours, you can snap up all three Commandos games, plus the two Western-themed Desperados that incorporated the same style of play, for just £3.75 over at GOG. Alternatively, you can buy them individually starting at 70p.

If you're a fan of tactical games, I strongly urge you to check these games out if you haven't already. They're brilliant.

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Ilium  Jun. 17, 2014 at 15:18

Loved Commandos back in the day.

Crazy Jamie  Jun. 18, 2014 at 10:12

I picked up the Commandos games a little while back from GOG. Still very playable. Still very difficult, but never really to the point where you feel that the AI is cheating. Just about every time I died it was because I'd either missed a guard's patrol route or got my timing wrong.

Absolutely essential for fans of strategy games that have never played them.

MattGardner  Jun. 18, 2014 at 10:21

They are hard as balls. But oh so very rewarding because of it. And you're right...it never feels like the difficulty has been artificially inflated. You always feel like you're in control and that failure is down to you missing something or making the wrong move. It's a fantastic series, and Desperados isn't too shabby either.


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