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COMMENT | Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference Impressions

Matt Gardner
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The EA press conference for this year is done and dusted, and you can catch up on all of the news from the show here. We'll have a detailed Game Buzz for you tomorrow, dealing with all of the reveals from today, but here are some immediate reactions from the team and the community on EA's presser...


COMMENT | Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference Impressions

EA's presentation was as stolid and robust as always. Time slowed to a crawl as sports sequel after sports sequel interminably waved their virtual jockstraps and feature sets at us in an attempt to out-bro each other, which I suppose is fine if you like that sort of thing. It was nice seeing NBA Live back for another run at 2K, though. Good luck with that.

However, elsewhere, we got some tasty treats. More Titanfall details and a crazy Plants vs Zombies tie-in? Check. Mirror's Edge 2? You bet. Morrigan? We missed you. Star Wars: Battlefront? I'm so ready.

Predictably, though, DICE stole the show with a sensational Battlefield 4 multiplayer debut. The drab and straight-up boring singleplayer trailers became a distant memory as tanks rolled through the streets, commanders annihilated armoured columns with tablet-guided missiles and entire squads base-jumped off of collapsing skyscrapers. I very much need this in my life.

Though with Peggle 2 on the horizon, I probably won't have time to play it. Bring it on, PopCap - and give us a Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank sequel while you're at it!


COMMENT | Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference Impressions

I thought EA started off their presser in fine fashion. Normally, I'd be the first to have a go at the publishing leviathan for turning a non-shooter game into a shooter, but I was merrily giggling all of the way through the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare reveal. It look like good, clean fun, another pick-up-and-play title perfectly suited to digital platforms.

We got the things that we wanted: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge 2, a Battlefield 4 showing that eschewed horribly scripted singleplayer demos for an exhibition of 64-way, skyscraper-toppling, base-jumping-stuffed, jet-ski-riding, multiplayer madness, with airstrikes being called in by a chap on an iPad. It was awesome, as was more Titanfall.

Also, people love sports. The improvements that Ignite will make to FIFA and Madden especially looked very impressive, though the jury is most certainly still out on NBA Live.

EA doesn't really us games that we love, necessarily; it does, however, give us games that we want. Kudos to Peter Moore and Frank Gibeau for letting others get on with it, though Andrew House should definitely do the same. And please dispense with the ridiculous celebrity appearances. Corporate beat poetry is lamentable. Dana White probably deserves a badge, or a sticker, or some sort of trophy. He was loud, brash obnoxious, and thoroughly entertaining, and he knows his demographic.

As for Dragon Age III, well... I liked the fact that Morrigan made an appearance. But you've burned me before, BioWare; more than once.


COMMENT | Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference Impressions

Well, I almost fell asleep a few times, but the reveal of a new Mirror’s Edge game right at the end has made my day to be honest. Being one of the few people that don’t get dizzy while walking down the street, I was strangely able to play the first game without getting motion sickness. The new game seems to be a prequel as we can see Faith getting her trademark tattoos on her face and arm for the first time. The in-game action looks by and large very similar to the first game, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more open environments this time around.

Aside from the above and the huge scale of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer demonstration (wow!) I felt an almost constant stream of frustration during E3’s presser. It just seemed to be a never-ending dribble of buzzwords and promises only to show no in-game action. I’m looking at you NBA Live 14FIFA 14, and UFC. Show me gameplay or go home. Oh and thanks EA, I almost breached my rage capacity when you announced DICE were working on Star Wars: Battlefront. Thankfully, you snuck the Mirror’s Edge reveal in right at the last. I’m going to be wound up for the rest of the night now, despite getting what I wanted more than anything. And then you tell it’s coming ‘When it’s ready.’


COMMENT | Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference Impressions

The gaming crack that is Peggle is back, and that’s all we need to talk about from EA’s presser, really.

What? No? FINE.

Despite their attempts to shove celebrities down our throats (here’s a snippet from the work chat, “Who is this Drake person, and why is he on my screen?”) I thought that was a strong showing from EA. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare came out of nowhere and impressed me, and Frostbite 3 made sure that Dragon Age 3 and Battlefield 4 will be some of the best looking games on the horizon. The destructible skyscraper was candy for the eyes, but I’d be interested to see how often we can do that in a match.

The sports games were never really going to grab my attention as much as they wanted to, but I will admit that the technology behind them looks impressive. The UFC game certainly has a lot of enthusiasm behind it (and they really want you to know what it feels like to take a hit to the face) but it will be interesting to see if they can best the previous effort from the late THQ, which I felt was a very good representation of the sport.

Also, PEGGLE 2.

Of course, the big reveals were that of Battlefront making a long awaited return (Matt was actually weeping) and the confirmation that Mirror’s Edge 2 is really in the works. Getting back into Faith’s free-running shoes is something I cannot wait for, although it’ll be some time before we see something substantial from either game, I feel.

Overall, a good show from EA. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play Peggle… because it’s awesome.

As with Microsoft's media briefing, we asked the community on Twitter for their thoughts on EA's show, and here are some of the highlights...

Be sure to tune in for Ubisoft next. Watch it right here on Dealspwn!

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