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COMMENT | Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Impressions

Matt Gardner
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, E3 2013, The Crew, Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft, Ubisoft E3 2013 Press Conference

The Ubisoft press conference for this year is done and dusted, and you can catch up on all of the news from the show here. We'll have a detailed Game Buzz for you tomorrow, dealing with all of the reveals from today, but here are some immediate reactions from the team and the community on Ubisoft's presser...


COMMENT | Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Impressions

Once again, Ubisoft delivered an entertaining press conference that provided something for almost everybody. Sure, the Rabbids game was a bit of a mess, and seeing some proper in-game footage for Assassin’s Creed 4 would have been much better than the CGI stuff we got, but there was still plenty to take away and get excited about.

After a somewhat confusing introductory trailer, The Crew had me curious as to how much of the US of A would be accessible to players, because the concept of the game came across as much more interesting than the upcoming Need For Speed game. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot charmed me with it trailer, managing to jump up my most anticipated list in the process, and while Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rayman Legends didn’t show anything particularly new, their appearance in the show was a reminder of games heading our way later this year.

Of course, Ubisoft once again closed the show with a surprise, giving us a new instalment in the Tom Clancy franchise that impressed me with its scope. The Division’s use of an external tablet looked like a good fit, with the gameplay coming across like Watch Dogs and The Last Of Us mixed together – a combination which I am absolutely fine with. With it being a persistent MMO as well, I am very eager to learn more about how teams of players will be facing off against each other.

Kudos to Aisha Tyler for keeping it going, and for once again proving you can have celebrity hosts who aren’t ridiculously out of place... well, aside from being freakin’ huge compared to anyone in the games industry.


COMMENT | Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Impressions

It feels a bit strange, given Ubisoft's dominance last year, that the EA press conference felt more impactful than Ubi's this year, but much of that had precisely to do with the fact that Ubisoft have already revealed many of their upcoming big hitters. Assassin's Creed IV impressed once again, as did the phenomenal-looking Watch Dogs. It was a brave decision to open the show with a combination of music game and Kinect title, but somehow Ubisoft pulled it off.

Less sure about boob-physics in a Rayman trailer, mind.

It's worth noting, though, that Ubisoft certainly looked to test stranger waters than Microsoft or EA. The Crew seemed like Need For Speed: Most Wanted crossed with multiple Forza Horizons, multiplying the sandbox until it covered the entirety of North America. The sheer scale of it was somewhat overwhelming, and perhaps accounted for the lack of polish in the graphical department. Then there was The Division. Both the PS4 and Xbox One reveals have pointed toward the possibilities of MMOs on consoles, but again ten minutes wasn't enough to fully convey the idea.

Presentations for interesting games falling flat was rather the order of the day. Blacklist was absurdly scattered by an awful framing device, most presentations opted for CG over gameplay footage, at least to begin with, in infuriating fashion. The applause for South Park was barely dying before the game was shuffled offstage, same for Watch Dogs.

One to sleep on, and perhaps Ubisoft are saving a few things up for Gamescom, which wouldn't surprise us.

Also, get on that Mighty Quest beta. Seriously, it's awesome.


COMMENT | Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Impressions

Ubisoft have the uncanny knack for showing me games I want at their E3 press conferences. Rayman Legends looks as gorgeous as ever ahead of its August release, while Rocksmith 2014 Edition could well be a day one buy. We loved the original concept of learning real guitar skills through gameplay, so this sequel should let me get back into the swing of things. After all, I mainly used my six string to convince gullible freshers that I wrote Fleetwood Mac songs back at university, so I'm more than a little out of practice.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist still couldn't quite manage to show off its stealth pedigree to advantage in another hypetastic trailer, while South Park: The Stick Of Truth just needs to come out already, but the next-gen announcements brought the flavour.

Specifically, The Crew, which I still can't quite get my head around. It's like Burnout Paradise fell into a godly vortex with Motorstorm and Driver, plugged into the cloud and loosed an enormous super-powered monster racer onto an unsuspecting E3. It's... so beautiful. Coherency can wait until I've had some sleep (remember that this is the middle of the night in the UK!), but this could well be game of show material if substance lives up to style. Especially since Watch Dogs didn't really bother to show up, which was crushingly disappointing considering I got plenty of time with it in Paris last month.

Speaking of disappointments, my inner b*stard hoped that The Division was actually an unbelievably inappropriate reveal for 1666: Amsterdam, which would explain Desilets' outrage somewhat. Still, a fine presentation, if perhaps a little muted compared to last year's Watch Dogs megaton.

Or, perhaps, everyone else didn't suck as badly as they did in 2012.

And here's a few tweets from the community...

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