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COMPETITION | Win Assassin's Creed III

Matt Gardner
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COMPETITION | Win Assassin's Creed III

It's Monday, it's raining, and the Curiosity servers are still playing silly buggers. Sad times. But, to brighten your day, we've got a pristine PS3 promo copy of Assassin's Creed III to give away.

Now, admittedly, we weren't exactly thrilled by the latest game in Ubisoft's flagship franchise, but it's an enormous content timesink, the world building is fantastic, and the multiplayer is truly engrossing and unique. It also might just be worth the admission price (which is free for this competition) to have a game where Desmond kicks ass rather than regaling us with stories about his time as a bartender.

Here's how you enter:

All you have to do is post a comment in the box below telling us about your finest virtual assassination or stealthy murder in any game you've ever played. The entry window for this one will close on Thursday 15th November at 23:59 GMT.

A few things to bear in mind:

  • One entry per user (you can comment more than once, but we'll only count your entry the first time)
  • Please use a real email address in case you prove victorious.

Good luck!

You can check out our Assassin's Creed III review here.

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GetsugaTenshoS  Nov. 12, 2012 at 15:27

I've got many assassinations that I love in games but my finest has to one I got in Team Fortress 2 against a paranoid enemy team. I got good at playing the Spy class and(on Dustbowl stage 3, point 1 just outside where the gates open at the start of the round) I managed to get behind the enemy team and backstabbed 6 of them in a row. The 2 remaining team mates notice me, I turn while taking my revolver out and kill the Sniper quickly then finish up by killing the Medic who was firing at me while retreating. Every member of the enemy team dead and it allowed my team to finish setting up defences and ensuring we won the round.

It was a nice and clean assassination of the enemy team, they didn't see it coming and the two who did were promptly taken out.

My favourite assassination/stealthy murder in a game however, though it may bot be the finest has to be when playing Assassin's Creed II, there were 2 guards I wanted rid of, both carrying spears. I used the poison blade on both of them and then threw money at them. They started freaking out and hitting each other with the spears and a huge crowd of peasants ran towards the coins, getting taken out by the guards in the process. There was one peasant who survived and he got to keep the money. A new game show was born.

First story was the main entry, second is mainly because this seems to be an appropriate place to share this although it was nearly my entry before I remembered about my TF2 assassination of the enemy team in one go.

Late  Nov. 12, 2012 at 16:20

A new game show was born...

Gonna have to give that a go next time I crack out an AC game :D

NickHarris  Nov. 12, 2012 at 16:32

Most memorable would have to be in The Walking Dead Episode 3. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Taking care of Duck so Kenny didn't have to... brutal but absolutely necessary, even if it did feel so, so wrong! Anyone that's played it will know what I mean.

Last edited by NickHarris, Nov. 12, 2012 at 16:33
Quietus  Nov. 12, 2012 at 16:36

The best assassination I can think of was years ago, when my friends and I were playing a CTF game on Hang 'em High in the original Halo.

I'd seen somebody entering our base, but was too far behind our base to catch him if I had actually entered the base. Instead, I ran across the top of our base, and jumped off the far side, the idea being that I'd land, turn round, and kill him as he left.

However, as I started falling, he ran out of the base below me, and I was able to mid-air melee him in the back for an instakill. It was almost like everything slowed down.:)

Rikjs  Nov. 12, 2012 at 17:30

Natural Selection 2. There's no better feeling that skittering up a wall and hiding between the trusses, watching as a few Marines go idly wandering by. I wait for the last one and drop on him. In a flurry of gnashing teeth and desperate gunfire, the Marine slumps to the ground. His friends have seen me by now, so I cheese it up the wall and before they know what's happening I'm behind them biting at their ankles. There's a lot of commotion at this stage. Teeth, spittle and blood are flying everywhere. It only lasts a few seconds though, and I'm soon left alone in the Turbine Hall with only the feint pulsing of my hive to keep me company.

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Shained  Nov. 12, 2012 at 17:59

I don't think any stealth kill has been more satisfying than when I first got MGS1 on the playstation 1. I'm quite a stubborn person and enjoy a challenge but the amount of times I died in the first area while stubbornly refusing too lower the difficulty was ridiculous!

When I finally managed too sneak undetected behind a guard and break his neck enabling me too get the lift too the top was extremely satisfying.

Anarchist  Nov. 12, 2012 at 17:59

I've done that many that I couldn't even begin to think of the best.

My favourite 'assassination' that I've done recently, was on BF2 BC.

I was running up to a house as I knew there was a russian camped inside, when I decided to knife the front door down. However, at the split second I hit the knife button, the Russian had decided to open the door from the inside. Resulting in him receiving a bowie knife lodged squarely in his jaw. Surprising the hell out of both of us, and proving fairly fatal for him.

Ego  Nov. 12, 2012 at 18:10

It was back in the days when Modern Warfare II was the most popular game on the xbox, when COD I feel was at its height.

Team DeathMatch on the controversial but highly enjoyable airport level. The game was well matched, neither side gaining the upper hand and the tickets slowly ground down. Grenades exploded, bullet casing's littering the ground and bodies covered the ground like a macabre carpet.

When the dust cleared and the tickets had dwindled to zero, only two combatants remained. A game cat and mouse quickly ensued between myself who's combat stats were mediocre and the hardened 2 star general of the opposing team. The seconds ticked on. A desperate action was required.

I him through the window in the main building poking away amongst luggage carts and behind counters. Then like a ray on light the idea hit me. I let a single round out of my silenced UMP into the panel of glass directly infront of me, frosting it over. I then shattered the glass to the left and quickly followed with spraying a few unsilenced pistol rounds in my opponents general direction and lurked behind the frosted glass. The trap was set and the bait was taken. As expected my quarry turned his attentions towards my carefully laid opening.

Last 5 seconds. Slowly he creeped forwarded, not wanting to create noise he left my frosted glass alone and moved through the opening I had created. BANG! I unloaded my UMP directly into his back, shot peppering his back and head. It was done.

They say that there are no tactics in COD its just a shooting fest. I would say this is not entirely true.

ODB_69  Nov. 12, 2012 at 18:15

Has to be Hitman: Codename 47. The quick mission to blow up the car. Wait down the sewer for the driver to walk around the corner, climb up the ladder and creep up behind him as he's having a tinkle against the wall, just as he finishes (in case he pees on you) piano wire around the neck and garrote him, then steal his uniform and plant the bomb.

Plenty of other good stealth kills in various games but none of those whilst someone's having a slash!

Zeipher  Nov. 12, 2012 at 19:00

A gloved hand squeezed the remote detonator; a subtle smirk crept across his face as the light rafters crashed down on top of his two victims. Chaos ensued, security guards and police stormed the room and onto the stage. The man ran a single hand across the barcode tattoo on his bald head, silently slipping the device back into his pocket as he walked calmly from the room. His work was done.

The bathroom was his final destination before leaving the theatre. He wasn't about to leave his prized suit just lying on the floor of the cubicle. After a quick check over his shoulder he entered the bathroom, glancing at the large bin in the corner where he'd hidden the body of the previous owner of his outfit. 'Necks break so easily.'

He opened the door of the cubicle, eyes shifting down to the neatly folded suit by his feet, and after another check on the doorway, started to change.

There was a creak as the bathroom door opened. The bald man spun, staring at a man adorned in a black suit and shades. Had he been seen? The shaded man reached up, pressing his finger against his ear while the Hitman thumbed his two silenced customised Silverballers that gently rested against his ribs.

It happened in a second. The meticulous planning and effort... the Hitman saw his efforts vanish as the guard raise his other hand, showing a semi-automatic. Two bullets flashed through the air, catching the guard squarely in the head. He didn't even have time to shout out in pain as his lifeless body buckled and dropped to the floor. The Hitman reacted, running across the floor and slamming the door shut. He took hold of the guard's wrist, and quickly pulled him into the corner near the bin.

'That was too close', he thought, dropping the body behind the cubicle. Bullets tore at the wall beside him, and he turned on instinct, riddling the opposing wall with his own. An officer, caught squarely in the chest, was launched off his feet, crashing into the sinks and falling in a crumpled heap on the floor. A second officer turned the corner, only to be struck n the leg. He gave out a shout, but was silenced by a barrage of gunfire to the face.

'Now I know I'm in trouble', thought the Hitman, as seemingly every form of guardsman stormed the room, one after the other searching for the assailant. Bullet casing littered the floor alongside the numerous bodies, until finally... they stopped. He remained stood, pressing himself up against the bin, waiting for more but they never came. He quickly glanced down at his virtual map, only to find the floor of the room he was in covered in yellow x's... the bodies of the guards.

He paused, mid-sigh as something on the map caught his eye. A single person was stood by the doorway, and they were still breathing. Pulling the map away, he peered around the corner, his trigger finger twitching.

It was an elderly lady, crouching down with her arms in the air as though in submission. The Hitman peered up and looked through the now open doorway behind her. Nothing. The once busy room was empty. He raised his gun as he strode toward the woman, and pulled the trigger.


He paused. His guns were out of bullets. He grinned at the idea of them all embedded in the bodies behind him, each one of them saving his life. His eyes turned back toward the woman. She sobbed for her life... a camera around her neck. She was nothing but a tourist... simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

'Sorry,' the Hitman said. 'You've seen my face.' He reached into his black suited jacket and pulled out his fiberwire. 'I'll try to make it quick.'

In a flash the woman jumped to her feet. The Hitman reacted, head-butting her squarely between the eyes. She shrieked in pain, but was quickly incapacitated by a left and right jab to her jaw. She fell to the floor in a daze as the Hitman looked down to his fiberwire. He had no idea what had just happened. He paused, looking through his jacket. For some reason he could not bring himself to fiberwire an unconscious woman, but a lethal injection would do just nicely.

Closing the door behind him, he strode from the room, eyes focussed on the exit that lay before him.

The morning paper was not one he was looking forward to, and of course, his 'incident' had made the covers. 19 deaths, and zero witnesses. Agent 47 laughed as he stared at the sketch of the assassin. A silhouette of a man with a question mark on his face. 'Man, I love this job!'

NelMaNo  Nov. 12, 2012 at 20:02

Picture the scene, you're minding your own business running towards a set off stairs when suddenly out of nowhere WHACK Tomahawk Kill

My finest virtual kill in any game.

Some might call it luck, the way the tomahawk bounces off the building then the floor to meet the oncoming opponent but not I. For I have trained, endlessly trained. Minute after minute, night after night honing my skills in my own animus otherwise known as my x-rocker. I have transferred the skills learnt by following the ways of the creed seemlessly into other games. Therefore I can say it wasnt luck, it was the skill of an Assassin - It was Eagle Vision.

glstephen  Nov. 12, 2012 at 22:13

Back in my student days my mates and I would play network games of the original PC version of Alien Vs Predator. I used to always play as the Alien, and my favourate killing technique was this: Let a marine see you, then run like hell through a nearby door before he can get a shot away. The minute I was through the door and out of sight, I'd crawled up the wall, along the roof, and back done onto the floor on the other side of the door. So when the marine ran though the door to chase me, I was already behind him - easy quick kill with a bite to the head!

It only worked a couple of times until people caught on to what I was doing (and used the motion trackers) and never worked against predators due to their heat vision, but when executed just right it was briliant!

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Kopite211  Nov. 12, 2012 at 22:56

It's got to be the priest in Hitman 2, when I realised I had to shoot the heart on the confession box I melted a bit.

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LazerFX  Nov. 13, 2012 at 09:05

Best that I recall was when I was playing Skyrim. I'd been playing a character set up for stealth, so I'd got all the upgrades (including the heavier armour - can't recall if it was limited to medium or included heavy - being quiet, no stealth penalties). My main weapon was a bow. I shot a dwemer machine down in that massive cavern with the glowing mushrooms. Said machine fell off the ledge it was on, onto another machine, knocking it off that ledge, and down into a large cavern. Fall was large enough to take both out.

The really annoying thing was that I was actually aiming for the mage to the right of them... who was having a go at my companion with lightning. I'd not even spotted the dwemer machine constructs :P

Quietus  Nov. 13, 2012 at 10:29

Picture the scene, you're minding your own business running towards a set off stairs when suddenly out of nowhere WHACK Tomahawk Kill
I'm actually one of the ones who'd say it wasn't skill. There are countless videos like this on Youtube, and all of them are the same in that the player has likely played hundreds of games, and has tried this hundreds of times. One day it happens to connect, and it's labelled as super skills.

The same can be done with explosives. A tactic that experienced players use (in any game) is to make a shot-to-nothing, where they throw a spare grenade or fire a spare rocket down a hallway / through a door in the blind hope that somebody will run into it. Do this enough times, and you'll eventually get lucky.

I'd agree that yours is funny, however, and certainly shows that fickle hands of Lady Luck.:D

pete79  Nov. 13, 2012 at 12:25

My favourite work was on Spy vs Spy on the c64 - going back a bit I know. My friend used to beat me EVERY time until one day, a classic set up of setting up using the gun on a trip wire.......happy days!

vtraveller  Nov. 13, 2012 at 14:23

Assassin's (any) is by far the best control. There's nothing better than descending into a courtyard with a strong box, stealing the loot then silent killing the two guards on the exit through the doorway - it's just tidier that way.

I've had my fair share of bizarre kills mind you. A glitched air assassination that resulted in me frozen in mid air near a building only to be wound down to a ledge by the game's watchdog code. I've also fallen through the ground, gained an achievement while glitching through space only to be propelled back to where I started.

AC is all about the highs and lows whether your kungfu-keep'm-coming-bloodfest-countering or the elegance of a minimal take-down.

CDPolicy  Nov. 15, 2012 at 05:12

Hmm. This is might be a little long and I used a more liberal definition of assassinate but it is my favorite stealth action game and my favorite virtual 'assassination'.

I moved nimbly across the rooftops, quickly, and silently. After climbing to the top of a particularly tall building I jumped off and glided through the air, scanning the city below me. It had always been bad, but things were worse now. Criminals walked the streets with seeming impunity. The guards that were suppose to be ensuring that order was maintained did nothing. Most likely that someone within their ranks was helping the criminals for their own ends. I would deal with that, but not now. The city was sick and if the cure wasn't found there would be casualties. Many casualties, including me. With this in mind I was making my way towards the old police station. It had been years since it had seen any use, the department had moved into a bigger, newer building; courtesy of an increased budget. Inside was a doctor. Some called him a madman, a dangerous criminal that should be locked away. The doctor was cold hearted, not the type to help anyone but himself. He was brilliant, however, unmatched in his field of study. He wouldn't help willingly, but I can be very persuasive.

I landed on the roof of the station, my every breath giving life to a small cloud of mist. I silently made my way into the building. Once inside I climbed to the ceiling. It was even colder in here, someone had been messing with the air conditioning. The building wasn't empty, but I saw no sign of the doctor inside. Looks like my source had been right. He had been kidnapped. I counted 5 armed men walking around. All criminals, all familiar. I had seen them before in various places. They all worked for the same person, the same person who was holding the doctor captive. I heard that he was running some museum lounge combo now. He considers himself to be dignified, a gentleman even, but I know better. He's no better then the two bit criminals who work for him. Birds of a feather so the saying goes. The ceiling was dark enough to hide my presence from the group. Now it was time to teach them the error of their ways.

Five guards walked around; one of them started complaining about being stuck here in the cold. The leader of the bunch cut him off, telling him to focus. The complainer walked under me about to respond back to the leader. I never gave him the chance. With one quick move I dove down, snatched him from the ground and pulled him back to the ceiling. I pulled him close to me until we were eye to eye. His eyes were wide with fright. I held him like that until the whisper of my name left his throat, then I dropped him. The rope I attached to his leg kept him from hitting the ground. He needed to be alive and conscious for the message to be sent.

I moved to another part of the ceiling and watched as he called for help. The other four thugs ran over. "Its him, he's hear!" one of them called out. I could have taken them all out without them knowing, but no, I wanted true victory. They needed to be taught a lesson. Criminals work at night and in the dark because it makes them feel safe. I taught them once before that there are things that go bump in the night, things that they should fear. I've found that criminals are superstitious and cowardly, and are also slow learners. Time for another lesson. I brought out a sharp blade from my belt, its shape and my symbol identical. I threw it at the rope that the criminal was still hanging from. It sliced through allowing the him to hit the ground. One down four to go.

The other four immediately turned their attention skyward. So easy to manipulate. I dropped softly to the ground and made my way into the nearby grates that crossed the entire room. I turned on my enhanced vision system. It allowed me to see through walls by emitting high frequency sound waves to paint a real-time picture of my target. I could see their skeletal outline as well as the assault rifles they had equipped themselves with. Its amazing just what one could do with sonar. Using sound to hunt my targets down quietly and efficiently, just like what a submarine does, according to the man who designed it. Must remember to send him a Christmas card.

The group had spread out and were moving across the room, calling out for me, how they would kill me. The smart ones among them knew that this false bravado would gain them nothing. The dumb ones actually believed the words they were saying. If I were that easy to kill I would have died a long time ago. Two of them walked over me, their eyes trying to pierce the shadows of the ceiling. I waited until one had passed by the corner before I jump up and grabbed his partner, pulling him into the grate. His eyes looked at me, full of fear. I could see my silhouette in each pupil. Good. I'm the last thing he sees before I finish him. Two down, three left.

He finally realizes his partner is missing, and calls out for the others. They start to lose their nerve until their boss hops on the com. His 'inspiring' speech rouses whats left of their courage. They fear him more then they fear me. A mistake on their part, but nothing I can't fix. I move to another part of the station. Up close you can see the place is in need of repair, the walls themselves were crumbling. This gives me an idea. I pull out a spray can from my belt and spray my symbol onto the wall. After moving away I pull out another blade from my belt. This one is designed to emit a high pitched wailing sound. The place was in need of repairs, the walls themselves were crumbling. I threw it guiding it over one guys head and sticking it just a few feet from the symbol. Sure enough it draws one of the braver ones next to the symbol. They say that curiosity kills the cat. I know from experience that cats have nine lives and have a way of sinking their claws into you. This one is no cat, only a lost little bird who's wings are about to be clipped. He's twitchy, looking all over for me. The second he reaches the source of the noise I press the button on the spray can. Boom. The noise and shower of rocks and debris floor him. I quickly move next to him, making sure he sees me, that he knows I did this to him. What it means to go against me. With one blow I finish him then grapple back to the ceiling. That leaves two.

The two remaining criminals move toward their friend. They are visibly shaken now. They call out to me, I can hear the nervousness in their voices as well as watch their heart rate rise. I'm close to true victory. They even start to shoot randomly into shadows hoping to hit me. They stay in the light hoping that it will keep me at bay. They don't realize that I can create shadows whenever and wherever I want. I pull out a small spherical object from my belt and drop it between them. Thick black smoke clouds the area; blinded by it they separate. Mistake. Deciding to save the leader for last I move behind his partner. While he recovers from the smoke I look at this assault rifle. I pullout a device from my belt. Its designed to target firearms and disarm them remotely. I had brought it along to help deal with the doctor should he prove troublesome. Another invention courtesy of my company's CEO. Addendum to memory, Christmas and New Years now. My attention focused on the criminal I use the device and watch as he turns around. Once he sees me he immediately brings his rifle to bear and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. He continues to futility squeeze the trigger as I slowly walk up. I watch as the color drains from his face. I then promptly pound it back in. And then there was one.

I do nothing for a few minutes, watching the leader go through the stages, bravado, panic fear,until finally, acceptance. He throws down his weapon and puts his hands into the air. "I surrender!". The moment I've been waiting for arrives. True victory. What is true victory? True victory is to make your enemies realize that they were wrong to challenge you in the first place. To make them understand who you are, what you are. He finally understands. He, his pompous birdbrained boss and others like him believe that they are above everyone else. That they can harm the innocents with impunity. I will crush that illusion, I will assassinate that dream, I will wipe those thoughts from existence until the only thing that remains is me, the ever present fear that hangs over their every waking thought.The demon that prowls their nightmares. I'm not a man, I am a force of nature. A force that operates in the night, that lurks in the shadows. I am what criminals fear. I am everywhere, and no where all at once. I cannot be bought, bullied, harmed, or stopped. I AM the night. I am the shadows, the boogie man under the bed, the monster lurking in the closet. The unspeakable terror that lies in every dark alleyway, rooftop and crevice imaginable. As I lift him off the ground he blurts out the location of the doctor. When I look into his eyes before I shut them, he finally realizes what I am. The Dark Knight.

Late  Nov. 15, 2012 at 10:55

Some of you get a bit too drawn into your gaming!

I shot someone in the back of the head from point blank range on Blops 2 last night.

Don't send me the Assassin's Creed 3 game. I know that's a winning entry I've just regaled you all with, there, but I don't have a ps3.

NelMaNo  Nov. 15, 2012 at 19:47

I'm actually one of the ones who'd say it wasn't skill. There are countless videos like this on Youtube, and all of them are the same in that the player has likely played hundreds of games, and has tried this hundreds of times. One day it happens to connect, and it's labelled as super skills.

The same can be done with explosives. A tactic that experienced players use (in any game) is to make a shot-to-nothing, where they throw a spare grenade or fire a spare rocket down a hallway / through a door in the blind hope that somebody will run into it. Do this enough times, and you'll eventually get lucky.

I'd agree that yours is funny, however, and certainly shows that fickle hands of Lady Luck.:D

Believe it or not it was actually the first time I'd played that map since it was released that day.

Last edited by NelMaNo, Nov. 16, 2012 at 19:51
1TheRedEagle  Nov. 15, 2012 at 22:37

It was on Battlefield 3 multiplayer. The match was in Damavand Peak, a team death match. I was a Marine, I was parachuting off the helipad with two other team mates. We landed on the main building the other team were hiding in, they were doing all they could to push as back. But we held our ground for as long as we could, until a support class shot down my other teammates. I was lucky enough to not be spotted, so for the blood thirsty revenge I had to do it for my fellow comrades who had to wait for a re spawn, the poor guys having to suffer with that load out screen, it was unbearable to think about. I crouched behind the catwalk and crouched my way around to the support gunner. There he was, right in front of my eyes holding his RPK-74M up in the air trying to shoot down my other team mates. As I saw the body of one of them fall to the ground the revenge stirred up my rage, to the point of me charging full sprint towards him. I pulled my knife out at the last second, and I listened for the sound of my knife piercing into his neck. The last thing he saw from his hazel eyes was my face smiling at his passing, I tore his dog tags off his neck to claim victory over his defeat. I may have one a small battle over this one soldier, but because of it I avenged the team into victory.

Hope you enjoyed this assassination story. :) And good luck to you all.

Shained  Nov. 24, 2012 at 19:39

Is Santa sending this?


Late  Nov. 24, 2012 at 20:10

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