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Concursion Interview | Daniel Garfield on his multi-genre mash-up

Carl Phillips
Concursion, Indie Games, Interviews, PC games, Puuba, Rezzed 2014, Videos

At this year's EGX Rezzed, there were plenty of indie titles on show that take slight spins on existing genres to create new experiences, but one title on show took matter the extra mile in that department by blending several genres together in an experience that changes at a moment's notice. That game is Concursion - an upcoming indie title from Puuba studios - and I was invited to talk to one of the key players behind the game, developer Daniel Garfield, on the show floor. We'll have a hands-on impressions piece landing later this week, but in this interview we learn about the influences Garfield had, the challenges of balancing a game that at first glance probably shouldn't work, and its notable musical direction.

You can learn more about Concursion by heading over to its Steam Greenlight page. Stay tuned for our preview later this week.

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