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Condemned: Criminal Origins | £2.49 | Gamersgate | PC

Jonathan Lester
Horror games, Monolith, PC games, Survival Horror Games, Warner Bros. Interactive
Condemned: Criminal Origins | PC
Condemned: Criminal Origins | £2.49 | Gamersgate | PC

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the scariest games ever made. As a forensic investigator framed for a chilling crime, you'll need to solve a series of brutal murders while fighting crazed assailants with anything you can find lying around. The fear of the unknown makes the experience twice as frightening, as there's nothing more horrifying than not knowing whether the game's events are real or all in your head. Prepare to soil yourself for a budget price - and prepare yourself for a masterclass in Western horror. it's a shame that Monolith lost the plot with the sequel.

Wait? Wasn't there a fire axe here a minute ago? Oh God.

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