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The Conduit - pre-order - £17.99 @ Zavvi [Nintendo Wii]

Marius Goubert
Conduit, First person shooter, Wii games

The Conduit - pre-order - £17.99 @ Zavvi [Nintendo Wii]

There is no denying that the Nintendo Wii has had some really successful titles in recent years - specifically with regard to Mario Kart and of course the Wii Fit. However in the realm of first person shooters, the console has really struggled to come up with anything capable of matching the PS3/PC and Xbox 360.

However, things are about to change quite dramatically. And this comes with Nintendo's release of an FPS called Conduit which is out on July 10th.  So if you already know all about this one and have been waiting with avid anticipation for a decent price then get ready for good news: the game is being offered for pre–order at Zavvi for just £17.99! A massive saving given that you’re looking at about £30 on Amazon (£29.73 is the next cheapest from The Hut).

The story behind Conduit is one of extra - terrestrial invasion and government conspiracy. The player takes control of Agent Ford who has been dispatched by an agency called ‘The Trust’ in order to deal with an alien invasion which has descended upon Washington DC. Mr Ford will have to utilize his wits, and of course a shed load of high tech super weapons, in order to annihilate a horde of nasty insect beings known as ‘The Drudge’.

So it’s a pretty traditional format. But in terms of graphics and gameplay the Conduit tries to break with the conventions which have really come to characterize the Wii. For a start the game has been brilliantly tailored to work with the Wii remote in a way which most other FPS titles were unable to do. This is further enhanced by the fact that the gameplay controls can be meticulously fine tuned for total player compatibility.

Also the game uses a Quantum 3 Gameplay engine, and even though I have no clue what the hell that means, it still sounds pretty damn good. Apparently this enables the developers to really push the Wii in terms of graphics and gives Conduit a realistic feel which most of its other FPSers completely lacked.

So this one sounds like it could be something special and could well prove that apart from quirky titles, Wii can also cater for FPS shooter addicts just as well as all the other formats. So after making us all make do with that rubbish Red Steel, all I can say is its about time!! The Conduit - pre-order - £17.99 @ Zavvi [Nintendo Wii]

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