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The Conduit (Special Edition) £7.93 @ The Hut [Wii Games]

Jonathan Lester
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The Conduit (Special Edition) £7.93 @ The Hut [Wii Games]

The Conduit was heralded as one of the Wii's premium mature titles, though it unfortunately failed to impress the critics last year. However, Wii FPS titles are thin on the ground; and now the price has crashed to a level that might entice the shooter-starved casual demographic. TheHut are selling The Conduit for  £7.93, which will save you a couple of quid (compared to Asda, their nearest competitor).

The Conduit is a solid but uninspired shooter that is both aided and hampered by the Wii's hardware. Using the Wiimote to control aiming and movement feels natural enough, but it's difficult to aim at elevated targets. The graphics are inconsistent, the texturing is dull and the AI is absolutely laughable (possibly the reason that the alien antagonists are called The Drudge). However, the arsenal is varied and fun to use- and the "All-Seeing Eye" gadget allows you to detect hidden traps, enemies and solve puzzles. It's a groovy little game mechanic that provides an unexpected breath of fresh air, but it's criminally underused in the singleplayer campaign.

I would go on about the special edition slip case, tips guide and unlockable items, but savvy consumers will already know that the Special Edition is the only edition that was released in the UK. Still, it'll look great on your shelf- even if you only use it as a bookend after your first playthrough.

All joking aside, The Conduit isn't a bad game- it's just mediocre with a few glimmers of excellence occasionally shining out of the drudge. At this price, Wii owners could do worse than giving it a try.

Thanks to andywedge at Hot UK Deals

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