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Confrontation | £14.99 | Gamefly | PC

Jonathan Lester
Confrontation, Cyanide Studios, PC games, Strategy games
Confrontation | £14.99 | Gamefly | PC

This is the cheapest we've yet seen for Confrontation: the tactical tabletop wargame from Cyanide (the developers behind that Game Of Thrones RPG). It's, erm, not as good. Sadly, weak combat lets down a game based entirely on combat, and we have to wonder why they decided to dredge out the now-defunct tabletop IP in the first place. Also note: this is not an RPG. Even though it pretends to be,

Confrontation has held its price very stubbornly indeed, but I'd suggest hanging on a bit longer unless you've been desperately waiting for this one.

Update: Gamefly are even cheaper.

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targetbsp  Aug. 17, 2012 at 13:55

I want this one but don't want to spend much seeing as how it was released with issues and then seemingly abandoned.

I'd quite like to see a 75% off. Or to see GMG do a 50% off at the same time as they have a 20% voucher doing the rounds and I can spend a load of my credit from free games to get it for not much.


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