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Console Minecraft Not Developed by Mojang

Josh Clark
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Console Minecraft Not Developed by Mojang

A huge cheer was raised during the Microsoft conference this week to accompany the announcement of Minecraft making its way to XBLA, and rightly so.  Minecraft has stolen more than its fair share of hours from me over the last two months, and with the huge success of Indie hit 'FortressCraft', which proved the formula could work on a console, it makes sound business sense to broaden the audience of Mojang's brilliant creation-sim.

Mojang boss Marcus 'Notch' Persson has confirmed his position as one of the game designers attached to the project, but has said that Mojang as a company will not be handling the port.  Little else was revealed, aside from the fact that the developers 'have done several console games before'.  Whether this is cause for concern or delight depends on your standpoint.  Sure, Notch and co created hands-down one of the greatest indie sensations of the last few years, and their disassociation with the port might raise a few eyebrows, but Notch himself will want only the best for his beloved title, and finding an experienced console developer is doubtless as a smart move.

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Goity  Jun. 9, 2011 at 19:56

Hehe... Mojang sounds like a slang term for female genitalia...


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