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First Contact | Randal's Monday - Clerks the Videogame?

Matt Gardner
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First Contact | Randal's Monday - Clerks the Videogame?

Apparently, when Jeff Anderson was first approached by Nexus Game Studios regarding the possibility of doing voiceover work for Randal's Monday, he rather angrily turned the gig down, believing the game to be ripping off Clerks -- the film that introduced the wider world to the joys of Kevin Smith's dialogue. He looked at the script anyway, found it to be broader and funnier than he'd anticipated originally, and made a U-turn.

Randal's Monday is not a Clerks spinoff, but it does borrow rather heavily from the Askewniverse, and the titular character's name is even a mashup of Dante Hicks and Randal Graves. Hell, a dynamic duo looking a lot like Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes is actually also on the cast list for this game) pop up later on in the game.

First Contact | Randal's Monday - Clerks the Videogame?

I've spent a fair bit of time with the game's truncated early access build, and here's a little First Contact video of my initial half hour with the game along with some impressions. There'll be a review along next month, closer to the game's release when the early access build updates, but I found the game's opener to be something of a mixed bag to be honest.

There's real promise here, but a few games writers were privy to a Daedalic showcase in which the game's broader plot was fleshed out beyond the opening scenes, and I have to say that I think knowing the loose narrative conceit around which the story is based might be key to getting through what can be a bit of an uneven introduction to the game. I talk about it in more depth at the end of the video (I want to try and avoid plot spoilers here if possible) but Randal's Monday takes a bit of a while to get going, and the pacing is key to comedy -- something that Nexus don't always get right here. That said, I want to kick on and play the rest, Anderson is basically playing a role made for him (and his delivery is bang on), there's some interesting puzzling a little further on, and the Groundhog Day cycle is something I'm eager to explore.

We'll have more for you on Randal's Monday soon. The game releases on PC on November 12th, and you can check out the official site here.

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