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Co-Op Coming To Krater This Month

Jonathan Lester
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Co-Op Coming To Krater This Month

"We Have Listened To Player Feedback"

After several months of rigorous testing, Fatshark has finally announced that the long-awaited cooperative patch for post-apocalyptic RPG Krater will be released on October 23rd. The weighty update will also tweak several elements of the singleplayer campaign, and herald the arrival of some character customisation DLC packs.

“The co-op DLC will be available on October 23, 2012 via Steam. The download will be free, and will also include a large number of updates to the single player content.” said Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund. “Shortly thereafter there will also be new character DLC’s with some nice vanity flavor to them if you want your character to look the best when playing the game.”

“The game experience from day one to now is very different. We have listened to the player feedback. There is a lot things adjusted and added to the game.” added producer Robert Bäckström. “If you played the game at release, and play it on October 23rd, you will get a whole new experience.”

We enjoyed Krater when it released in June, praising its colourful take on apocalyptic RPGs in our 7/10 review. If the cooperative patch works - and if some of the annoying niggles are corrected - I will seriously consider moderating the score.

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