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Crackdown 2 £31.99 @ 365 Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Crackdown 2 £31.99 @ 365 Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Last week we filled you in in on the cheapest prices around for Ruffian Games' evolutionary open world sequel... but 365 games has now raised the bar. Or lowered it, I suppose. They're currently selling Crackdown 2 for £31.44, which will save you another couple of quid compared to Tesco's FTSL15-1 voucher code (and at least £4 if you've already used it).

Tom recently gave us the lowdown on Crackdown 2 in his full review, but suffice to say that it delivers a fairly similar experience to the original. Taking on the role of a genetically-enhanced police assassin with a legendary boss, you'll take to the decaying streets of Pacific City to clean up the town... all over again. Luckily, you've been authorised to use ludicrous, unnecessary, jawdroppingly-hilarious violence; and the city soon becomes your playground as you leap tall buildings and generally kill hordes of bad guys with whatever you can find lying around.

I must be honest, I was a little underwhelmed when I got hands-on with the demo. The graphics and core gameplay and have barely changed since the original- and the feeling of Deja Vu is almost tangible. What's more, the lack of tiered gang bosses and those awesome transforming vehicles are a little vexing. After a while, though, you'll notice a raft of little tweaks and improvements across the board- and basically, it's still fun on a bun. And the bun's made of explosions.

Crackdown 2 definitely doesn't bring anything new to the table and it's certainly not the prettiest game out there.  However, it's the perfect time sink for the slack summer months.

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