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Crackdown 2 £33.74 @ Tesco Entertainment with FTSL 15-1 Voucher OR £34.99 @ 365Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Crackdown 2 £33.74 @ Tesco Entertainment with FTSL 15-1 Voucher OR £34.99 @ 365Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Crackdown 2 is one of the biggest games to be released this week- and lots of you have already snagged a decent preorder price or taken the plunge. If you're still looking to snaffle up Ruffian Games' take on the mean streets of Pacific City, Tesco Entertainment are still offering their £33.74 preorder price tag (with their infamous one-shot FTSL15-1 voucher) which will provide a saving of around £3 compared to Coolshop.

However, let's face it, you've probably already used the code. The honest amongst you (or those who've had bad experiences with Tesco Entertainment's customer service) will be looking for the next cheapest retailer- and currently, 365games are retailing for £34.99. This will save you £1.49... but as they say, every little helps.

Be sure to use the FTSL 15-1 voucher code if you haven't already done so. Otherwise...

The original Crackdown was an impressive and arguably extremely influential "sandbox+" game that took the GTA open world mechanics and let you jump over buildings, shoot, throw cars and generally rag all over it. Crackdown 2 essentially provides more of the same... and though we'll all have a blast returning to Pacific City, it doesn't quite offer the true evolution many fans were expecting.

The madness and mayhem of the original is very much intact- but many will be surprised and a little disappointed by the removal of tiered gang bosses with practically identical horde defence sequences. Still, at least you can beat a gang of mutants to death with a bus stop to vent your frustrations.

Why not check out our preview?

Thanks to denna007 at Hot UK Deals for spotting the Tesco preorder deal

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Alan Shitpancakes  Jul. 10, 2010 at 21:13

Jesus! I just watched some gameplay footage of this on my local Youtubes and it looks awful. Why does it look so dated? I'd be excited about it if it was 2005

Jonathan Lester  Jul. 11, 2010 at 13:38

Yeah, it's not exactly the comprehensive upgrade that many fans were expecting. On the other hand, it's still a lot of fun...

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