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Crackdown 2 'Deluge' & 'Toy Box' | 50% Off | Xbox LIVE | Xbox 360

Felix Kemp
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Xbox 360

Crackdown 2 'Deluge' & 'Toy Box' | 50% Off | Xbox LIVE | Xbox 360

Crackdown 2 was great, but it coasted almost entirely on the strengths of its predecessor rather than breaking new ground, so to speak. It's chaotic fun at its best, and it only gets better with the premium DLC, which is now half price on LIVE. 'Deluge' pits four Agents against ever-growing waves of Freaks scattered across Pacific City, whereas 'Toy Box' showers you with new vehicles and gadgets, like the Suit Thrusters which allow you to rocket up into the air and glide with ease, or the aquatic ATV Assault Vehicle. What I can glean from interviews with Ruffian personnel is that they're hard at work on something else, which I'm hoping is Crackdown 3. With some proper development time and resources, other than the quick fix, cheap job Microsoft commissioned, a true Crackdown sequel could be quite special, indeed. In the meantime, consolidate your over-priced purchase with this half-price premium DLC. Go on, treat yourself!

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