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Crackdown 3 | What We Want

Felix Kemp
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Jon recently broke the news that Ruffian Games has moved on to other projects since releasing Crackdown 2. Considering Ruffian was established for the sole purpose of delivering a sequel to Crackdown - a sequel, I might add, that topped the UK charts - it's not hard to imagine at least one of their new projects is the third entry in the series. And Ruffian has already confirmed they'd love to do a sequel.

But what can we expect? Or, more importantly, what do we want?

Pacific City, Be Gone!

Crackdown 3 | What We Want

Assembled by former Real Time Worlds Staff, Ruffian Games was established a mere year and a half before Crackdown 2 released. Now, a year to produce a fully-fledged sequel is a tall order, and as such Ruffian had to make certain compromises. For one, they did very little to Pacific City. A few major structures were built, a lot more were demolished, but by and large Crackdown and Crackdown 2 were set in a largely identical playground.

So with Crackdown 3, I'd like to see a brand new city. In fact, with the ability to run faster than a sports car, leap tall buildings in a single bound and even fly - pretty much - C3 shouldn't be restricted to a mere city. An entire region, with urban sprawls giving way to lush fields or golden deserts. Ruffian attempted to introduce new environments into Crackdown 2, but the so-called Freak Lairs simply felt like a chunk had been bitten from Pacific City's crust and painted with a rock texture and fog.

But in their blog post, Ruffian claim their new game(s) will include a "heavy focus online". You could interpret that as their next project being an MMO, but with both Crackdown titles already containing pseudo-MMO qualities, it might not. However, with an emphasis on multiplayer components, you need big, big playgrounds to avoid overcrowding and bottlenecks. So a new city isn't outside the realm of possibility...

Better Missions

Crackdown 3 | What We Want

Both Crackdown 1 and 2 suffered from awful mission design. In the original, you slaughtered troops to eliminate kingpins, which often devolved into spamming B and pounding their bodies to pulp. Then, in the sequel, you cleared out strongholds or withstood waves of Freaks. Zero variety, other than the change of locale or the occasional new soldier or Freak. And, frankly, that sucks.

So, again, with the third I'd like to see some actual objectives beyond kill this and destroy that. Even a few chase sequences, like where you pursue a similarly superpowered Freak across the rooftops, or dismantling a well-armed military structure, leaping from floor to floor and ripping off turrets or disabling machinery. It's not too much to expect, and empowering the player beyond simply filling their Skills meter is a feature Crackdown sorely lacks.

Not to mention I remember Ruffian championing Crackdown 2's co-operative objectives, when actually all it consisted of was you and your mates twisting a few valves while fending off the ravenous hordes. It was a major shortcoming, and I'd be very surprised if Crackdown 3 didn't try at the very least to include some more substantial co-operative activities to explore. Considering they only had a year to develop, prototype and finally deliver Crackdown 2's online components, Ruffian did remarkably well, so I expect big things from their next project.

If It 'Aint Broke...

Crackdown 3 | What We Want

It's obvious Crackdown 2 coasted on the merits of its predecessor, and while certain areas require a drastic overhaul, Ruffian shouldn't dismiss the solid foundation the game rests on. Collecting orbs is perhaps too addictive - a Warning! should be affixed to the box - being able to upgrade your Skills and then unleash them on an unwitting Pacific City an unadulterated joy, and the 'go anywhere, do anything' mantra is a perfect demonstration of our medium's unique strengths.

So while I'd love to see varied, objective-driven missions and a brand new, multifaceted city, I'd stage a mass protest outside the Ruffian HQ if Crackdown 3 doesn't include the luminous scattering of Agility Orbs, the ability to leap rooftop to rooftop and hurl cars like paper-planes, alone or with a bunch of like-minded pals. We should be able to strap a dozen remote mines to a civilian car, lift the hapless driver and his vehicle above our heads and toss it at a passing truck, clicking RB at the precise moment and enjoying the fireworks display.

But like C2, build on it. First we could jump, then we could glide, so - for the sake of progress - we should now be able to fly. I also think each Skill should have a collectible orb, not just Agility and Driving. Perhaps a brute you locate to best in physical combat for Strength, a gun range mini-game for Firearms, and a pyrotechnics display for Explosives. The possibilities are limitless...

What do you want from Crackdown 3? As always, leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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rayner123  Aug. 1, 2011 at 04:20

Agreed completely! I'd love to be able to use my thrusters with my wingsuit and fly even just for 30 seconds and glide until it refills. I was hoping they would include that in C2 So yeh in C3 I want to be able to fly. I'm counting on you Ruffian, C3 needs to be the best game ever. It needs to explode.

soultrain1969  Aug. 17, 2011 at 12:35

I want the Freak '****storm' I was waiting for in C2. The skill upgrades take all the challenge out of the gametasks because you get way too powerful while your adversaries stay more or less constant. I want to fight off hundreds of flying freaks in the air while avoiding an occupation army on the ground, and then half way in have the whole thing blow up with a rebel uprising. I want to NEED my upgrades damn it. Thats it. And the chick needs a serious spanking!

turbobean  Aug. 23, 2011 at 00:21

So check this. i would love to see some snap to cover. i want my weapons to feel more like weapons. and a skill tree to boot. and while you're at it. let me see a qua Iraq style warzone. filled with rebels for agency forces to wipe out. mine fields, machinegun nests, ambushes.

BurnItDownBlowItUp  Sep. 4, 2011 at 00:16

I absolutely agree! And I want the morphing vehicles back that **** was awesome! Plus they definitely need to add some more vehicles like an agency boat, motorcycle, and even jet. Add some armor customization maybe and bring back the plethora of agents to choose from! I also wouldn't mind my character having a cool voice.

treycrll  Oct. 29, 2011 at 00:33

Flying. Better shooting system n physics. Better car handling n driving physics. Better maylay. Crackdown is a great game but it has a **** load of room for improvment.

bobtrem  Nov. 3, 2011 at 11:25

i have quite a lot of ideas, here are a few of my most wanted
on keys to the city, i suspect i'm not alone in making a pounder muder innocents, but it always tries to kill me instead! i want to be invisible, not just invinceible.
all freaks need to wander the whole city, screamers, slingers and goliaths only stayed in breachs/lairs, i want them to come out of the sewers like the rest,i wanna see if i can kill a goliath that's trying to do the same to me:D. i got a lot more ideas but i wont post them right now, as i'm not sure of the character limit

robiemarchant  Dec. 12, 2011 at 14:35

as to the Pacific city removal i think it is a bad idea what they need to do to ensure it will be the best Crackdown game it to yes keep the city also add other citys but for pacific city have the ability to bring it back to its former glory as seen in crackdown 1 and maybe even be able to upgrade the surrounding citys but above all Pacific city needs to stay it is the orginal that i and i am sure others love

icedragon  May. 2, 2012 at 00:31

i had an idea that in part3 they will have clones maybe or make the agent betray the good side and turn to the bad or we could go inside the bildings cell would be no more but she has a daghter and the daghter trys to find out new ways to take over the city or something but i still say there should be a part3 Xl

PhoenixRising37  Jun. 22, 2012 at 19:49

I would like a character creation.Like chose your own agent colors and I would like to ride planes and boats.Also split screen for with your freinds or something.


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