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From The Cracked PS3 To West & Zampella's Hardship - News Roundup 5th January 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Report: Custom PS3 Firmware Can Now Be Installed

From The Cracked PS3 To West & Zampella's Hardship - News Roundup 5th January 2011

Legendary hacker GeoHot has been up to his old tricks over this last fortnight, exposing the PS3's all-important root key with a simplistic hack. This was followed by the fail0verflow consortium claiming to have cracked the PS3 wide open... and now, a report from Kotaku suggests that a custom firmware kit is now freely available.

Hacker KaKaRoTo has released a set of tools that are designed to allow PS3 users to alter and reinstall their PS3's firmware. It's still in the early stages and runs with limited functionality, but the software is reportedly an important stepping stone towards "future homebrew installation" that will apparently "not allow piracy". It's compatible with most current firmware versions.

The main use for these new hacks will be to reintroduce the PS3 to its old pal Linux... and with it, a range of homebrew software. We can expect Sony to aggressively address this issue in future software updates- and we'll keep you posted about their response. [KaKaRoTo via Kotaku]

Is this a step in the right direction? Or a dangerous security breach that Sony needs to shut down? Have your say in the comments!

Ex-Infinity Ward Devs Claim Financial Hardship

From The Cracked PS3 To West & Zampella's Hardship - News Roundup 5th January 2011

Ex-Infinity Ward creatives West and Zampella are countering Activision's recent attempt to broaden the scope of their countersuit, claiming that their legal fees are much higher than their combined annual salaries. The newly uncovered paperwork also alleges that Activision's countersuit was a calculated move designed to delay the May trial date in order to force them into an early settlement or full withdrawal. With $36 million of damages on the line, however, we can expect the pair to stand their ground.

Lawsuits are an expensive proposition- and we're hoping for a speedy resolution so that everyone can get back to making games rather than making headlines. However, you have to wonder if the pair are a little worried about what we'll discover if the lawsuit pries further into their alleged breach of contract. Naturally we'll keep you updated by the wire. [VG247]

Disgaea 4 Confirmed For Europe In 2011

That's pretty much it, actually. NIS has confirmed that Disgaea 4, previously only slated for a Japan release, will be hitting European shores at some point this year. Considering that the JP release is set for February 24th, we can expect at least a couple of months for localisation and manufacturing to get into full swing. A rough September date has been bandied about by a few retailers, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

The Disgaea series is known for blending cutesy artwork and quirky characters with rock solid tactical strategy, and we can't wait for another one. There's no substitute.

EA Details Massive Server Culls

From The Cracked PS3 To West & Zampella's Hardship - News Roundup 5th January 2011

Here we go again. There's nothing more heartbreaking than server culls. Entire multiplayer communities and diehard achievement/trophy hunters are thrown out into the cold... and EA are kicking off the New Year with a death knell for over a dozen titles.

LOTR: The Battle For Middle Earth II will be the first against the wall on January 11th, followed by The Sims Carnival and a swathe of sports titles over the coming months. You can read the full list over at the EA website- so if you're still grinding away for an achievement or two, it's time to get your skates on! [EA]

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Gunn  Jan. 5, 2011 at 19:14

If they can release a FW that will allow Linux back but not allow copied games to be played then great, all for that. I used to think that the PS3 being hackproof (or what should be called "didn't need to hack") was going to push developers to choose ps3 as their main platform but it would seem piracy isn't the main factor if they can sell enough copies anyway.

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