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Far Cry £2.97 @ Currys [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Far Cry £2.97 @ Currys [PC Games] When Far Cry first came on the scene around six years ago, it overawed gamers and reviewers alike, was hailed as the greatest PC first person shooter since Half-Life, and paved the way for German developers Crytek to produce some of the most memorable FPS titles of all time. So if you feel like it might be worth picking up a copy (you know, just for old time’s sake) you can currently do so from Currys where the original edition will set you back just £2.97. This is the cheapest deal currently available.

Far Cry stormed the market back in 2004 when everyone was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new generation of first person shooters. And technically, the game was a phenomenal achievement. Its serene, lush, tropical island visuals, those sandbox style maps, and the dynamic enemy AI all came together to produce a gaming experience which – although a bit dated now (especially next to the likes of Crysis) – was unlike anything that had gone before.

Far Cry sees the player assuming the role of Jack Carver who, in an attempt to leave his ambiguous military past behind him, ekes out a living running a boat-charter business in the South Pacific. However, after he takes a female journalist to some remote location, Jack gets attacked by mercenaries, and must investigate his surroundings and attempt to search for the missing woman. The setting of Far Cry is superbly varied. The Island ranges from dense forests, white sand beaches, swamps, mines and building interiors, and the player is able to utilize any vehicle they come across, from jeeps to hand gliders, to traverse the landscape.

The setting also provides lots of opportunities to camouflage your movement, which is just as well given that the enemies react tactically to your presence. This includes running to signal for reinforcements, attempting to outflank and surround you, or else just hovering above the jungle canopy in a Black Hawk helicopter ready to rain down the bullets – which certainly makes for some interesting gameplay moments.

Far Cry is also quite long – almost 20 hours– which is not bad considering it came out six years ago although, unfortunately, the game does descend into a pretty bog standard FPS after you loose all the vibrant topography and find yourself indoors. But that said, Far Cry was certainly one of the most innovative PC FPS titles of the noughties, and a game which, even six years on, still retains a fair amount of replay value.

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