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CryEngine In The Works For Mobile Platforms

Felix Kemp
Crytek, Crytek Budapest
Crysis 2

CryEngine In The Works For Mobile PlatformsNot content with squeezing their patented CryEngine onto home consoles, Crytek have set themselves the unenviable task of porting their visually resplendent engine onto mobile platforms such as the iPhone and iPad. In an interview with NowGamer, co-founder Avni Yerli confirmed the news that their new Budapest studio had recently made the switch to mobile development.

"We obviously want to support all major platforms, and mobile is very interesting," reveals Yerli. "Mobile has had a significantly fast evolution, and it needs to catch up to PC less and less. You see how fast the hardware's iterating, it is frightening actually". It's not uncommon for a top-tier graphical developer to take to the mobile stage; John Carmack pitted his visual wits against mobile tech, porting RAGE on to the iPhone with splendid results. So might we be leaping and diving across New York in a nano-suit whilst currently engaged in toilet duties?

"So from that perspective, it's great, we like mobile devices because they can enable games not just at home or in specific environments, they're also good for upcoming games so that you can consider those platforms as part of your offering. It's enriching for the industry," Yerli adds. According to recent ratings board leaks, Crytek is prepping their first Crysis titles for a home console re-release. So who's handling the mobile stuff, then?

"Our Budapest studio is focusing primarily on mobile, on the tech side as well as content side," Yerli explains. "Two months ago we basically changed the studio to a mobile studio. The team is working on CryEngine mobile technologies and on mobile games". We look forward to laying eyes on their first title. In the meantime, if you're a mobile gaming fan, we sure to check out our sister-site, Mobot! [NowGamer]

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