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Cryostasis Download | £2.00 | Get Games | PC

Jonathan Lester
Cryostasis: Sleep Of Reason, Games deals, Horror games, PC games, Survival Horror Games
Cryostasis Download | £2.00 | Get Games | PC

Cryostasis- if you'll excuse the pun- is stone cold divisive. Despite some technical issues and a sluggish, poorly-paced start, Cryostasis is a capable action horror experience that immerses players in the terrifying remains of an icebreaker stuck in arctic conditions. The first person perspective helps to root you in the world, and fighting the enemies are genuinely tense. An engrossing storyline also helps to round out a truly 'marmite' little title.

Oh, and it's two quid. Since digital downloads can't be stuffed in a stocking, this might have to be a little early present for yourself...

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pudding  Dec. 16, 2010 at 00:16

ok for 2 quid but realy slow and monotinous


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