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Crysis 2 | £21.99 | Choices UK | Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
Crytek, EA, FPS games, Xbox 360 games
Crysis 2 | £21.99 | Choices UK | Xbox 360

As well as being a decent tech demo, Crysis 2 also happens to be a fairly good game. However, in my opinion, it pales in comparison to its predecessor. The levels are smaller, your options are more limited and the art design is crushingly boring. Setting a game in New York is a cliched and overused idea at the best of times - and the bipedal grey aliens and dull grey surroundings are a far cry (sorry, cheap shot) from the lush jungles, neon blue space squid and incredible icy vistas of the original game.

Still, I repeat: Crysis 2 is a fairly good game and well worth the asking price.

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