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Crysis 2 DLC Incoming

Felix Kemp
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Crysis 2

Hold your nano-suit horses for one moment, please, ladies and gentleman, as EA have just announced the first wave of Crysis 2 DLC is inbound! The Retaliation Map Pack - bit hostile - contains four brand new multiplayer maps to enact all manner of carnage and mayhem in, and is due to hit PC, Xbox Live and - ahem - Playstation Network on May 17th.

So what of the four all new maps? Well, Park Avenue appears to be ripped straight from the campaign, a sprawling corridor of death before the luxurious hotel itself. A crumbling bridge acts as a spine raised across the middle of map, and cover appears plentiful in the shapes of sandbags and stranded automobiles. A pretty standard map by all accounts, then.

Next up, Transit, a devastated chunk of New York with the Statue of Liberty's severed arm thrown in for good measure. Like Park Avenue, the terrain is an undulating mix of high vantage points where the ground has literally collapsed or risen, and a wrecked commuter train offers a variety of methods in which to engage - or avoid - the enemy.

Third is Shipyard, the titular location appearing to be the largest of the four on show, pitting one team in a giant warehouse against another stranded on a docked battle cruiser. It's not shown in the video, but I hope we can dive into the water and emerge like a moisture-slick assassin to deal very moist death. Finally, the last map; Compound. The eponymous building itself is the focal point of the map, but much of the action seems to circle it outside.

We're pretty stoked for all this, and you can catch up on David's review right here.

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