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Crysis 2 Mod Tools & CryEngine 3 SDK Arriving This Summer

Jonathan Lester
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Crysis 2 Mod Tools & CryEngine 3 SDK Arriving This Summer

Crytek are in the business of making great engines as well than great games, and Crysis 2 was just the beginning. CEO and President Cervat Yerli has announced that a powerful editor will be hitting in early summer, followed by the full software development kit for fans to get "creative" with. Apparently Crytek will also help modders to sell their work, and we have the full details below.

Writing on Crymod (the official Crysis modding blog), Yerli has outed the two stage plan for complete Crysis 2 creation. In "early summer," Crytek will be issuing a free-to-download editor that will allow users to create new levels, weapons and objects. This should make for a lively modding scene, but later in the year, they'll also be releasing the full SDK that contains CryENGINE 3 in its entirety. I'll let Cervat break it down.

This will be a complete version of our engine, including C++ code access, our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline), shader code, game sample code from Crysis 2, script samples, new improved Flowgraph and a whole host of great asset examples, which will allow teams to build complete games from scratch for PC

He goes on: "With all this power in your hands - we know you're going to do some amazing things with the engine, so we're working out how best to support you. We'll also be sharing our documentation with you, which is written by the developers of the engine, and we'll be giving you a new and improved crymod.com. We'll update the Free CryENGINE SDK regularly, to make sure you have access to all the advances we make to CryENGINE 3.

Crytek will also give support, advice and (we assume) a distribution platform to those who would like to sell their creations.

If you want to use it to make a game to launch commercially, we'd like to help you with that. If you want to take your product down a traditional commercial route, we will offer an innovative low cost licensing model if you want to release your game digitally.

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