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Crysis 2 Multiplayer Has Timesplitters' DNA

Felix Kemp
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Crysis 2

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Has Timesplitters' DNA

We've often wondered, since Free Radical was purchased and converted into Crytek UK who have been handling Crysis 2 multiplayer, would elements or ideas from the likes of Timesplitters make their way into EA's nano-suit blockbuster? "Absolutely," according to executive producer, Hasit Zala, who during his time at Free Radical was the lead programmer on their time-hopping series.

Timesplitters' multiplayer was fantastic, an early heir to the throne of former conquests Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, which certain Free Radical staff had a hand in creating. And according to Zala, this "high-action, fast-paced multiplayer" was "the reason Crytek came and looked at us as a development house". Free Radical was plucked from the brink of closure when Crytek stepped in to purchase the English outfit, and the studio have no-one to thank but their library of games and droves of fans who lapped them up - except maybe Haze.

So far, I can't really see obvious similarities between Crysis 2 and Timesplitters multiplayer myself. Whereas the former is a certain blend of Call of Duty and possibly Crackdown, the latter is a more wacky affair with an excellent map-maker component. However, the "fast-paced, high-action" mantra both games possess is a clear indicator of Free Radical's involvement, and so far the multiplayer is garnering a pretty positive reception. [CVG]

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