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Crysis 3: Hunter Edition Brings Pre-Order Multiplayer Perks

Matt Gardner
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Crysis 3: Hunter Edition Brings Pre-Order Multiplayer Perks

Do you suck at multipayer? Well, if so, Crytek might have your back. EA unveiled the Crysis 3: Hunter Pack today, which will give pre-order fans a Day 1 bump up to level 5 for multiplayer shenanigans, as well as unlocking the Predator Bow from the start (which allows you to fire when cloaked), giving early adopters the Recon Arrow, and immediately gifting buyers with the incredibly stealthy "Hunter" model for the Nanosuit.

Of course, any one who pre-orders this will have the same perks, too.

Don't forget as well that if you do pre-order Crysis 3 immediately, EA are currently throwing in a digital copy of Crysis itself for free, which is actually pretty awesome.

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Tsung  Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:42

I wish they would stop with pre-order perks that give advantages to people who "take a risk" and pre-order over those who are more sensible and wait for the final product.

The ironic thing is this... The game is release, everybody raves about it, it gets good reviews. Yet I am unlikely to buy it knowing that those who pre-ordered are at an immediate advantage to me in Multiplayer.

If all the pre-order people can fire whilst cloaked how will anyone see anyone else to fight?. Seems daft to me. :P

Anarchist  Nov. 10, 2012 at 12:47

Have you ever played crysis 2 multiplayer?

Cloaks don't last forever. You turn it on and it lasts a few seconds if you're running, or a bit longer when walking/stood still. And keen eyes can still spot you. It does not turn you into the predator.

Tsung  Nov. 10, 2012 at 15:59

ahh ok.. sorry.. I think played C2 multiplayer many years ago. :/


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