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Crysis £9.99 @ Amazon [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
Crysis, First person shooter, PC games
Crysis | PC

Crysis £9.99 @ Amazon [PC Game]

Crysis is easily one of the best first person shooters to have come out in recent years. So if you have a decent PC and are into FPS games, then this is a must have addition to your collection. Amazon are now offering copies of Crysis for just £9.99 and this is a great deal given that the next cheapest copy will set you back £14.99 from HMV.

What really sets Crysis apart from most other first person shooters is the game’s unique gadgetry. The player takes control of Nomad, an elite member of US Special Forces who is sent into some remote Island in order to investigate its occupation by North Korea.  Nomad and his team must try to unravel the reasons behind North Korean interest in the island and rescue a team of archaeologists who have been abducted by the fanatical general Kim.

Although outnumbered and outgunned, Nomad and his group have one big advantage; they are all encased within a high - tech – nano – suit which gives them a handful of superhero powers, such as super strength, speed, armour and stealth. The game is clearly taking a lot from the film predator and also has similarities to the ninja suit in Metal Gear Solid, but overall, these abilities add real versatility to the gameplay.

Whether the player chooses to infiltrate quietly through the forests, picking off the enemy one by one or simply run in all guns blazing, the possibilities are endless. The graphics are also phenomenal, and even a few years on, still look cutting edge. It is clear that Crysis developers Crytec were behind the game Far Cry, as aesthetically, Crysis is similar in style. However the Crysis series is easily the best set of games the German developers have produced – fans of Far Cry should definitely look to Crysis before checking out Far Cry 2 which sadly, was a real disappointment.

So Crysis comes hugely recommended. Crytec have just it all spot on in terms of graphics, gameplay, environment and story, Crysis really is the whole package. About the only drawback with the game comes midway, and is simply due to a twist in the story (which I will not ruin). This basically takes the game away from being a combat simulator and gives it a sci – fi twist. However some argue that this is actually the best part of the game so in the end it all comes down to taste. Overall, this is an FPS which fans of the genre must experience.

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