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First Crysis Set For Xbox 360 Re-Release?

Felix Kemp
Crysis, Crytek
Crysis | Xbox 360

First Crysis Set For Xbox 360 Re-Release?
Console owners got a taste of Crysis when developers Crytek opted for a multiplatform release with the sequel. However, diehard Crysis fans would argue the series' home is the meticulously rendered tropical jungle only a small handful of ridiculously specced rigs could handle. The concrete jungle of New York just wasn't the same. However, that's all about to change it seems; as EA is prepping a re-release for the original Crysis on Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Kotaku broke the news, stumbling on a classification listing from the Korean Ratings Board. The listing reveals an Xbox 360 version of Crysis has apparently been rated, presumably with an eye towards an imminent release. Kotaku have since updated their original post, revealing that Korean site, Inven, contacted EA's Korean arm about the news, who admitted the listing was authentic, although wouldn't go so far as to confirm a release date.

At this point, it's unclear if EA have plans for a worldwide re-release for the original Crysis. Although we sincerely hope they do! Crysis 2 proved Crytek had ample skill to wrangle significant power from six year-old tech, so we have no doubts they can perform similar magic tricks a second time around, this time spawning a lush tropical sprawl on the 360. We'll have more for you on this as it develops. [Kotaku]


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