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Crysis Warhead £9.95 @ Thegamecollection [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
Crysis, First person shooter, PC games
Crysis | PC

Crysis Warhead £9.95 @ Thegamecollection [PC Game]

If you love fast, intense, adrenaline fuelled first person shooters then check out this deal from TheGameCollection.net. They currently have 94 copies (probably a few less by now!) of Crysis War Head: the follow up to Cytec’s stunning first edition - which we reviewed here on Dealspwn: Crysis Review.

The game is being offered up at £9.95 plus free UK delivery and a 10% student discount. The next best price is from ASDA at £14.91! So that’s a pretty cool deal.

For those who don’t know, Crysis was one of the most visually stunning first person shooters of recent times. It had everything from superb graphics, great gameplay, cool vehicles, fully customizable weapons, to giant robotic monsters and a suit that gives you superhero powers. Indeed, the game can be so overwhelming that after a few hours you might need a quick lie-down!

Unbelievably, Warhead is dubbed to be bigger, better and even more extreme. It follows a parallel storyline to the first Crysis, with the player taking control of British hard man ‘Psycho’, who is on a mission to track down some crazed Korean general.

However one of the best things about Warhead is that although technically an expansion it’s stand alone - so you don’t actually need the first Crysis for it to work! This is perfect for anyone just getting into the series, as you can  jump straight in with the newly improved sequel.

But I know what you thinking, this is starting to sound like one of those ‘to good to be true’ pitches on Dragon’s Den. And you may very well be right. I am about to drop - what the weird smiley man who lives in the Dragon’s Den cellar would call - ‘a bombshell’. The game is tainted by a feature which makes consumers run like the white cross on the door of a plague victim.

It has a securom DRM. For anyone who has not heard the furor over DRM let me enlighten you. It means that the game can only be installed 3 times, so basically you have lost ownership over a game YOU paid for. Go over 3 installations and you have to beg customer services, who charge about £20 per minute (before I get sued I should out that’s an exaggeration), to play your own game.

But if you are not into all that consumer rights stuff, think it’s unlikely you will need more than 3 installations and just want a really decent game for a tenner, I say go for it. Let everyone else moan about the principle behind DRM while you get on with saving the planet from the scum of the universe!

Crysis Warhead £9.95 @ Thegamecollection [PC Game]

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