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Crytek Gives Green Light To Fan-Created Timesplitters Mod

Jonathan Lester
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Crytek Gives Green Light To Fan-Created Timesplitters Mod

Modders, Assemble!

Though Crytek are remaining very cagey about whether to release a new Timesplitters game or HD collection, they have at least given permission for fans to create a CryEngine-powered mod. They may even supply some original assets and support depending on whether a team can be assembled soon.

Daniel Wesoly, the fan behind the 100,000 Strong For Timesplitters 4 Facebook group - has gotten an official okay from Crytek... but is now seeking CryEngine-literate modders to move forward.

"I have just had word from Crytek that they are going to permit and support a TimeSplitters CryEngine mod," reads Wesoly's latest update. "I am now looking for modders that can handle the CryEngine. If i manage to get a group together, then they may let us use assets from the original TimeSplitters game!

"So the idea is to build a TimeSplitters all-in-one. All the levels, all the characters and all the weapons. If you are interested then contact me at - [email protected] or contact me on Skype - Cairn_Trenor. This is BIG for anyone that wants to get into the gaming industry!"

Naturally we'll keep an eye on the situation.

Timesplitters developers recently suggested that the release of substandard FPS Haze knocked publisher confidence in Free Radical, stopping them from getting Timesplitters 4 off the ground.

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