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Crytek: Kinect Development "Really Easy"

Felix Kemp
Crytek, Kinect
Ryse | Xbox 360

Crytek: Kinect Development "Really Easy"

Securing visual masterminds Crytek for an exclusive Kinect title was quite the coup for Microsoft, and Ryse is shaping up to be a bloody and engaging title when it hits store shelves next year. Speaking to 360Magazine over the switch from PC and console development to the motion-sensing field of Kinect, Crytek's Carl Jones reveals the team found the adaption "really, really easy".

"Ryse was a product we wanted to build and it made a great deal of sense to do it with Kinect," explains Jones. Previously dubbed Codename Kingdoms, Ryse is a gladiatorial-style hack and slasher, pitting bloodthirsty warriors against each other in ancient Rome. "We found a partner in Microsoft who shared our vision," Jones adds. "It’s been really, really easy getting the CryEngine working with Kinect. Microsoft has built it extremely well and it’s easy to use. They’ve given a lot of assistance, both in terms of technical support, samples and hands-on expertise, now we’re trying to push it in new directions to do some clever stuff".

Crytek have yet to show off actual gameplay or explain how Ryse works, but I think it's safe to say we'll be swinging our arms around, blocking and striking at fellow combatants with all manner of grisly results on show. Jones admits Kinect has "some limitations", but so does every controller interface, he reminds us; unless you can control it with your mind!

"This was a game where we had a great meeting of minds and the creatives on both sides believed that the same experience was possible with Kinect," Jones reveals. "We thought, we can do something really ground breaking with the platform". We're hoping Ryse will pop up at the likes of Gamescom and other events over the next couple of months so we can bring you more on Crytek's promising title. [360Magazine]

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