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Crytek: PS Vita "May Be Too Late"

Felix Kemp
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Playstation Vita

Crytek: PS Vita "May Be Too Late"

Is Sony's next portable machine a little late to the party? Crytek seem to think so. In a chat with Develop, CEO Cervat Yerli explained that despite the handheld's obvious technical strengths, the competition from the likes of Apple and their App Store, the rampant success of the free-to-play and social gaming market mean the Vita will have a hard time persuading customers to part with a couple of hundred pounds.

"The Vita is an absolutely fantastic platform but it will have a hard time, and it might be too late," laments Yerli to Develop. "I love Sony as a company, and we have great relations with them, but the Vita is going to have a hard time against the next generation mobiles and all the tablets." With the smartphone market evolving almost every month it seems, and tablets like the iPad edging ever closer to technical parity with current gen consoles, the industry is in a precarious state of imbalance, with one side destined for success, and the other on the verge of toppling.

And according to Yerli a "shift is happening, and that shift is not only to free-to-play and PC download clients, but also to mobile and tablet". He went on to explain that, "I say those devices because mobile and tablet platforms are replacing the PC, and replacing it for gaming as well. Mobile and tablets are taking the sales from laptops, they are also replacing the acquisition of gaming content."

Yerli made specific mention to Apple's wildly popular App Store, which now hosts a wealth of content, from low-budget success stories like Rovio's Angry Birds to Epic's graphically spectacular Infinity Blade. According to Yerli, the App Store provides "one of the best consumer models in the industry".

But what do you think, Dealspwners? Is the PS Vita destined for failure before its even hit store shelves? Or can it buck the trend and eek out an existence in this very competitive market? [Develop]

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flyingteddy  Aug. 3, 2011 at 15:10

I'll pay notice when the next iPad comes out with buttons and dual sticks. This article takes the different view from Seamus Blackley. Do Crytek not take into the account the demographic of the people buying these devices, and I'm struggling to imagine gamers having iPad as their only device.

butler1  Aug. 4, 2011 at 08:23

The most popular use for the iPad is gaming, and due to it's limited controls, it can only do a handful of genres well, whilst the rest range from competent to poor. Vita is an all in one device, but instead of it being nothing more than a slab of plastic with a screen, it's going to sport a wide range of gaming orientated inputs.

Combine this with the fact that it's significantly cheaper than an iPad, and a Call of Duty game is currently in the works, and I think it's going to be a huge hit with a younger audience. Sure, it probably won't do iPad like sales, but I'm convinced that Sony are onto a good thing with Vita, as unlike the 3DS, it's priced competitively, features cutting edge hardware, has a solid online infrastructure, and is capable of pretty much everything an iPad is.


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