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Crytek Not Worried About "New York Fatigue" For Crysis 3

Matt Gardner
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Crytek Not Worried About "New York Fatigue" For Crysis 3

Crysis 3's senior creative director, Rasmus Hojengaard, has suggested that in spite of Crysis 2 perhaps suffering from a little bit of "New York fatigue" last year, as it seemed like every second game was being set in the Big Apple, that's not a problem he foresees for the new follow-up.

"We’re not so worried about that," he said when pitched the question on NY fatigue by Metro. "New York City is a landmark city and that’s the reason many games and movies play out there. To be honest it’s one of the richest and most diverse locations in the U.S."

If that's so, we'd hazard a statement that we've not seen much of that diversity in those games in which the city has featured. However, Hojengaard feels Crysis 3 has something of an ace up its sleeve in this area, thanks to the new Nanodomes.

"We’re pretty confident that our execution and interpretation of New York City as a rainforest will not only be very different from how others do it – it will also look above and beyond most other attempts to do a 'post-apocalyptic' New York City setting," he continued. "Our Seven Wonders concept that executes on seven particular rainforest themes will create a diversity and richness not seen thus far in a game – or even in a movie.

"Don’t forget that our setting is not just a city left to its own demise – it’s a city that has been artificially grown into a rainforest by help of the Nanodomes."

He also revealed that this title, unlike the second game, will see a return to the more open environments and sandbox gameplay that were so beloved of the original.

"We always listen to our fanbase and even before we shipped Crysis 1 for console, we wanted to address some of the feedback from Crysis 2 – and included in that was the more horizontal gameplay as you know it from the first Crysis," he said. "In other words – we were already thinking about this prior to shipping Crysis 1 for console. This being said, I can assure you that Crysis 3 will benefit from an exciting sandbox environment that reverts to the origin of the Crysis franchise."

EA and Crytek formally announced the existence of Crysis 3 today, after last week's slight leak.

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