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Curiosity Trailer Marks 50 Layers To Go

Matt Gardner
22Cans, Curiosity - What's Inside The Cube, Peter Molyneux

Curiosity Trailer Marks 50 Layers To Go

We got bored of Curiosity pretty much after day two, when the world of tapping cubelets out of the way descended into trying not to contribute to the tapestry of varying penis shapes that were taking over all six sides of the damn thing.

But the end is in sight! 22Cans have gone a dropped a fresh trailer online announcing that there are only 50 levels of cubelets to go until the centre (and therefore the mystery inside) is revealed to the world. Hilariously, they rather ignore the plethora of penis-related cube-etchings to which Curiosity has given birth.

Players will now be able to purchase an auto-tapper that will go to work on the next 45 layers to chip away while you're offline, earning you precious gold that can then be spent on manual tools for the last five layers and increasing the chance that you might be the one to smash that last cubelet to bits.

"It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, contentious way to monetise, you know," Peter Molyneux told IGN. "We don’t think we’ll make any serious money out of it, but it’s an interesting part of the experiment to see how many people actually do buy that. We’ve already had far more people buy into that than I thought ever would.

"We really want to set in people’s minds that things have changed; it’s no long kind of part art installation, it’s actually a race. It’s going to be fascinating how and if that changes anything."

IGN say that "internal predictions at 22cans suggest the final cublet will be broken on the morning of May 21", the date of Microsoft's reveal for their new Xbox. An event that Molyneux, mysteriously, might somehow play a part in.


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Late  May. 1, 2013 at 17:02

We're making loads of money. But it's an experiment into the human psyche, not a cash grab.

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