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Curiosity’s “Life Changing” Prize Is Finally Revealed

Carl Phillips
22 Cans, Bryan Henderson, Curiosity - What's Inside The Cube, Peter Molyneux, Prize, Project GODUS

Curiosity’s “Life Changing” Prize Is Finally Revealed

An 'Almighty' Reward For One Person

I’m not sure how, but we absolutely called it earlier this month during an episode of the Game Buzz. 22 Cans have announced that their social gaming experiment Curiosity: What’s In The Cube? is now over, and that the person who got to the centre of the virtual block has shared what Peter Moylneux and co. had considered “life changing” all those months ago. So, what was the grand prize? Prepare yourselves – basically, it was a producer credit for 22 Cans’ upcoming game Project GODUS.

The final moments of the Curiosity experiment were live-tweeted by the developers themselves, with Molyneux himself joining in and announcing when the team had sent word to the winner. It turns out that the one reaping the rewards is Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, who was sent a link to a video announcing he had won the chance to be “the god of all players” in Project GODUS. As the video below explains, Henderson will decide the rules by which all players of GODUS will have to abide by, and will even get a cut of the profits for the game.

Reaction to the prize has been mixed, with some outlets praising the showmanship of the reveal, to developers such as Markus “Notch” Perrson declaring it to be “lame.” Even our very own Jonathan Lester has voiced his sympathy to the “whales” that have invested their own money to speed up the journey to the centre of the cube. Regardless of the public opinion (and do let us know in the comments) the social gaming experiment is now over and we now have a new virtual overlord for Project GODUS. Praise the Bryan!

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