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Current Gen Not Good Enough For BG&E 2

Felix Kemp
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Current Gen Not Good Enough For BG&E 2

We're big Beyond Good & Evil fans here at Dealspwn. We adore the original and welcomed its HD port with open, loving arms. So, as you might expect, anticipation is high for the Michael Ancel-developed sequel which, contrary to popular belief, is still in the works. However, we probably won't see it any time soon, as Ubisoft has confirmed the current generation of consoles lacks sufficient power to realize their ambition.

"I think we are still thinking about what we have to cut to fit on today's consoles, what we can improve," explains Ancel who, along with the original Beyond Good & Evil, created the Rayman series. "We really want to make the game perfect and as good as possible without cutting things. There is special gameplay that we really want to keep but it needs a certain power".

It's a curious admission, and suggests Ubisoft knows something we don't. It's not uncommon for developers to hold a title back for the next-generation - Bethesda recently revealed they considered this decision on Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. But we were under the allusion that the next line of consoles - other than the Wii U, of course - was much farther away than Ubisoft appear to be hinting at. Would they really stall development on a title for a number of years? Or is the next Xbox or Playstation closer than we think?

Ancel wasn't giving much away, but he did explain why development on Beyond Good & Evil 2 is taking so long. "After working on Rabbids, I then jumped into Beyond Good & Evil 2 for a long time," he reveals. "The development is advanced but we need more time to go further because with the hardware and the engine we have to improve it".

Ancel explains he and his team took time off that project to work on the recently announced Rayman reboot, which will release on the current crop of consoles. However, he revealed Ubisoft receive more inquiries for Beyond Good & Evil 2 than any other title, which "encourages" him to keep working on BG&E 2. [Eurogamer]

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