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Cute Things Dying Violently Heading To PC

Jonathan Lester
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Cute Things Dying Violently Heading To PC

Major Patch & Level Sharing Hub Incoming

We love it when successful Xbox Live Indie Games make the jump to other platforms, and it appears that Cute Things Dying Violently will be the latest title to do so. This fantastic puzzler launched as part of the Summer Uprising promotion last month, and after receiving rave reviews, the experience will be headed to the PC via IndieCity. CTDV runs natively on PC, making the decision to port it as obvious as the decision about whether or not to buy it.

This new version will ship with achievements and "new features"... many of which hae just hit the Xbox Indie version via a major patch. We've got more details after the break.

Here are the full patch notes courtesy of developer Alex Jordan:

  • Added new Aiming Tools! The Preview Tool (Right Trigger) allows you to preview a shot you're about to make, and the Ghost Tool (Right Bumper) allows you to see the position, angle, power, and trajectory of your previous shot. Since these tools give players a lot of power, using either one causes a -1 Critter penalty for the level you're in. You lose a Critter, but you beat the level and gain some modicum of self esteem. Seems like a fair trade.
  • Several levels have been rebalanced to minimize frustration without minimizing the challenge.
  • The blood spatter FX have been redone, and there's now a bit more pop to them. When it comes to blood and murder, our motto at ApathyWorks is: "We can always do better." This is not necessarily mutually exclusive from our previous motto, "Bitches get stitches." Would you like to see a picture of the prettier blood splats? Of course you would, silly bear.
  • Control visualization has been added to the Pause Menu.
  • Less Hiccups in long play sessions (45 minutes or greater)

Jordan also plans to add a level sharing hub in a future update that will facilitate players sharing their creations. We'll keep you updated.

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