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Daily Bite: Buyer's Remorse

Matt Gardner
Daily Bite

Ah the avid gamer's backlog. Let's face it, as we've said before, we've really never had it better. There are so many good games out...and so little time to play them. Every year there are always at least four games that I really should play, but never quite get around to playing. *sigh*

Daily Bite: Buyer's Remorse

[Dueling Analogs]

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MyDogFarted  Sep. 19, 2011 at 10:51

I am managing to stick to my 'Only buy and play 1 game at a time policy', but what do I buy next?

Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition
Dragon Age Ultimate Edition
God of War Origins
Mario Galaxy 2
Final Fantasy III (VI)
Paper mario 64
Chrono Trigger

All these are only some on my wishlist and there are even more games coming out I want to play.
We're spoilt for choice these days. Never had it better!!

Forgot to mention I also have Xenoblade Chronicles on it's way to me. Goodbye reality

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