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Daily Bite: Drop A Titan On It

Matt Gardner
Daily Bite

Got beef with someone? Is there something in particular that's been annoying you of late? Well it's Titanfall day in the US today, and a little gif creation site has popped up that lets you drop a Titan on anything you want.

Here's a little example of us dropping a Titan on an analyst whose name we've banned from this site:

Daily Bite: Drop A Titan On It

All you need is a picture of the person/item/abstract notion that you'd like to crush with a mechanical leviathan, and head over to this site.

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Late  Mar. 12, 2014 at 00:14

Cracking day for xbox live to go down.

I'm unable to log into my One. Seems to be a very common problem this evening. Apparently xbox 360 services are fine. I haven't tried.
B*gger of it is, I was logged in just fine - but rebooted the console (my problems with "Thief" aren't limited to it being a bit rubbish - it also spins the disk very loudly, and from time to time hangs on a splash screen requiring a proper restart). So now I can't play anything. :(


Last edited by Late, Mar. 12, 2014 at 00:14


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