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Daily Bite: Introducing Toby...The Dealspwny

Matt Gardner
Daily Bite, Dealspwny

We've had a couple of community things come in recently and, hot on the heels of the excellent Minecraft monument to our munificence, comes this. You see, Miss Rebecca Forster has gone and designed us a mascot.

Not only magnificent in appearance, but comes complete with awful, working pun! And we love puns.

His gargantuan eyes ferret out the best deals, you can tell from his smile that he has a discerning mind, stuffed with wit and opinion. He is faster than tractor, stronger than sheep, a paragon of creation, the Platonic Form of mascots. And he has a cape.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Toby the Dealspwny!

Daily Bite: Introducing Toby...The DealspwnyYou'd better believe there's a plush toy in the works! [Rebecca Forster - Freelance Photographer | Fashion Designer]


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