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Daily Bite: Lego Hobbit Dubstep Cheat

Brendan Griffiths
Daily Bite, Lego The Hobbit

Everything's better with dubstep right? Saints Row IV had the dubstep gun, but the Middle Earth Crew have them beaten thanks to this Red Brick cheat mod I came across the other day which adds a dubstep remix to everything in Lego The Hobbit. The game may be a bit 'meh', but this is awesome. Also, this is exactly the sort of unnecessary inclusion of dubstep that drives our News Ed, Jon nuts.

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JonLester  Apr. 27, 2014 at 12:32

Haha, believe it or not, this is exactly the sort of unnecessary ironic dubstep that I actually like! (_;)

There's a time and place for wub wub, and this is most definitely it.

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