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Scribblenauts £11.86 @ ShopTo [DS Games]

Matt Gardner
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Nintendo DS

Scribblenauts £11.86 @ ShopTo [DS Games]

With the tagline 'Write anything. Solve everything' Scribblenauts promotes itself along the lines of emergent gameplay, completing puzzles on your own terms thanks to the ability to summon thousands of different objects, creatures and, in some cases, deities simply by writing their names on the touchscreen. Needless to say, half the fun of this game lies in creating bizarre events that might never occur anywhere else. How often have you see God face off against Cthulhu?

You can currently snaffle a copy of Scribblenauts for just £11.86 at ShopTo - it's been this price for a while but they never seem to have any stock - and if you do you'll be saving yourself over £1 on the nearest competition.

A side scrolling puzzler, Scribblenauts sees you step into the shoes of young Maxwell who's on a mission to collect a bunch of 'Starites' that have been dotted around some 220 levels or so, all of which will require you to make use of your summoning tool. Say there's a Starite way up over you head and Maxwell can't jump. Well why not summon a ladder to climb, or a trampoline to bounce on, or an eagle to carry you up there. The big selling point, one that 5th Cell really pushed and one that earned them the Best Handheld Game award at GDC 2010, is that the game promotes imaginative pissing about, with a near-endless lexicon of things to summon.

There are summoning 'par' limits for each level, going over it will lose you points, but to be honest the very first thing you'll probably do is spend a good hour or so just playing around with the mechanics of the game and having Maxwell joust whilst riding on a dinosaur. Unfortunately, the game's innovation and fun factor is almost negated by the fiddly control system that has both the movement and interaction controls mapped to the touchscreen. This means you'll almost certainly end up unwittingly walking Maxwell to his doom on several occasions to begin with.

If you can get past the control scheme, though, Scribblenauts deserves to be in any DS owner's library.

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