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Dante's Inferno £26.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Dante's Inferno £26.85 @ ShopTo [PS3 Games]

It's always the case isn't it? Someone writes a literary masterpiece about the Nine Circles of Hell and several centuries later a large games publisher buys up the licence and turns it into a hack and slash game that bears a fairly large resemblance to a certain PS3 exclusive with a dodgy morality system tacked on for good measure. Dante's Inferno is a relatively enjoyable scythe-swinging romp with some fantastic art direction, but don't expect anything hugely original.

You can pick up a copy of this relatively recent title for just £26.85 at ShopTo as they've just lowered their prices again, now saving you £28.89 from Simply Games.

Having reimagined the poet Dante as a returning crusader with a penchant for skin sewing, Ea starts off by having you kick Death in the balls, nick his scythe, and then begin your descent into Hell to rescue your missus from Lucifer who needs to wed her so that he can break free of Hell.

You won't be bowled over by this game in the gameplay department, but it looks wonderful, the character and enemy creations are striking and varied and the different Circles of Hell all have their own distinct flavour. The atmosphere is good and the game looks the part so it's a bit of a shame that it doesn't quite play as well as it looks. Combat is a little clunky to be honest, but there's enough variety to keep fans of the genre entertained.

A solid title then, easy on the eye, but not as refined as some.

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