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Alone in the Dark £2.30 @ Amazon [PS2 Games]

Lydia Low
Alone in the Dark, PS2 games, Survival Horror Games
Playstation 2

Alone in the Dark £2.30 @ Amazon [PS2 Games]

There is a decent game hiding somewhere amid all the myriad technical issues and visual flaws of Alone in the Dark but you may find yourself having to dig very deep to find it.

However at just £2.30 from Amazon, it may just be worth a punt. This is a great step down from the next best price of £7.99 from Shop To, saving you over £5 and perhaps even making the game worth the cash you hand over (but you'd probably get more enjoyment if you use the money to buy a pint instead).

You play as Edward, an investigator of the paranormal, who finds himself on a rooftop, anticipating death when his guard is suddenly killed by an unseen force, giving the amnesiac Edward his chance for escape. As he makes his way through the building, searching for an exit, he sees people being possessed or killed by some kind of supernatural phenomenon. Could the old man that he meets hold the secret to everything that is going on?

Alone in the Dark boasts a good soundtrack and, well, not a whole lot more. The graphics are shoddy and drab and frustratingly dark, the dialogue extremely weak and hackneyed. The controls are overcomplicated and awkward and the gameplay is hampered at virtually every turn by glitches. The game has great, high aspirations but stumbles at every turn and though it wishes so hard to be an epic horror adventure, it is instead a sadly broken mess that is just no fun to play.Alone in the Dark £2.30 @ Amazon [PS2 Games]

Thanks to Adam2050

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Matt Gardner  Nov. 10, 2009 at 15:11

In spite of its many flaws, there is a big place in my heart for this....but it's more of a 'Game You Should Play' rather than a 'Game You'd Enjoy Playing'.....like films by David Lynch or anything written by any of the Bronte sisters.


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