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Hydrophobia Prophecy Will Be Constantly Improved Using Darknet Feedback

Jonathan Lester
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"This Is Just The Beginning"

As well as several tweaks and fixes that vastly improved the experience compared to the original game, Hydrophobia Prophecy shipped with an innovative consumer feedback system on Steam. Known as Darknet, this service allows players to critique the game and suggest improvements to the developers, and Dark Energy Digital are pleased to announce that thousands of Steam users are "embracing" the functionality with open arms. They'll apparently use this wealth of constructive criticism to continually improve Hydrophobia Prophecy over the coming weeks and months - and we have the full story below.

After expecting a "slow burn" with Darknet, Dark Energy Digital boss Pete Jones is thrilled to confirm that thousands of Steam users are taking full advantage of the service. The acquired data has already been used to implement some smaller tweaks such as improved checkpoint mechanics, and DED will continue to roll out new patches depending on what you guys want from the game.

It’s a mind blowing experience to play back through the game you created and see what the community thinks about the different elements. You see clusters of positive responses around cool moments and you can analyse the map area by area to see which are most popular. But the main idea of course is to actively improve the game, and this is already happening. Thanks to Steam Cloud we’ve already delivered several micro updates to address frustrations flagged up by Darknet, such as adding extra checkpoints to alleviate concentrations of frustration data points.

Apparently this is "just the beginning" for the service, which will allow Dark Energy Digital to design future content updates and even future titles based on user feedback.

This is just the beginning. With Darknet we’ve given our players a seat at the board room table, and we have big plans to build an even stronger community and better connections between that community and us as developer.

We'll keep you up to date with how Hydrophobia Prophecy evolves.

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ODB  May. 18, 2011 at 09:51

Piss poor business plan this!

Release a broken game on XBLA....fix the major issues then forget about it.

Do a huge update, release it on a different system and completely ignore the original version and fuck the people who have paid for the original....just hope you can make the new adopters happy

These are the sort of studios that deserve to go bankrupt...and I normally wouldn't feel like this BUT.....fingers crossed they do!


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